Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Convergent Games relaunches Crop Cycle

Hail battle brothers and sisters!
The Emperors legions are vast, his armies numbering in the untold billions, sprawled across the galactic imperium. At every turn they are set upon by the enemies of mankind, fighting an endless war.
To keep up spirits and ensure the Emperor’s finest continue their eternal wars, a different struggle is taking place on mighty Terra itself over the stomachs and spirits of the imperial legions. For without food, the bulk of the Empire’s forces would quickly perish.
To address this threat from within, the Sanctus Agricultor remain ever vigilant against the threats of Mother Nature and her tendency towards Chaos. At every turn, the braver farmers of Terra’s super crops turn back the waves of nature and ensure an unending supply of food continues to the uncountable hungry mouths of the Emperor’s chosen.
Now you too can support the Sanctus Agricultor, stand tall as a bulwark against the chaotic forces of nature and…
Support the Crop Cycle Kickstarter, a card game of surprisingly aggressive farming.