Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sleeves are for pussies!

Just before the release of 6th, Charles and I got together for our final game of 5th.
2000 points of Salamanders -vs- Crimson Fists (some of the crimson fists must have been drunk while they were painting their armour, as they sure fucking looked a lot like blood angels).
Charles took care of the beer, while I brought the meat!

Fuck you, once we start playing 6th, my Blood Angels will be allies, not proxies

I really wanted to use my WIP ork terrain, so that was supposed to be the main theme of the table... It didn't really work, looked kind of hill billy-ish... but as I realized later, the whole night was kind of hill billyish.

In Nebraska, you get beat up for havin' sleeves. Or "arm jackets" as they call them

My nerd dog told me to field 3 rapier laser batteries. Nerd dog is dumb, cuz the rapiers kind of suck... but they're FW, and new, so that makes them cool.

To add to the redneckery of the game, I barbequed a metric shit-ton of man meat!
Right now I kind of look like a guy who would beat up nerds... or racial minorities. I swear I don't do either

In case you were wondering exactly how much a metric shit-ton is... 11 beef ribs

So, the game was pretty epic, back and forth the whole time. My Mortis Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought with double mortis assault cannons is my new favourite thing! in the end the game was a draw, but I had more fun, so technically I am the winner!
Plate of man meat and potato salad counts as fortress of redemption
MMMmmm, nerd beer

Nerd dog is the real winner.

Good bye 5th edition, I enjoyed playing with you, even though most others didn't... Kind of like a fat chick at a party.


  1. 40K, beer, and meat = the trifecta of nerd relaxation.

  2. Sleeve monster got u! Great post!