Monday, July 16, 2012

40KEGGER 4 Updates and More

6th Edition Changes

We are just about a month away until the doors of Bronx Park Community Center swing open for 40KEGGER 4. Since the event was first announced in April alongside the brand new format for our tournaments, we have seen a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 hit the streets. So, will there be any big changes to the tournament format? Not really...

We have placed a poll to see how people feel about Fortifications and Allies, and the overwhelming response seems to be that people want to see the 40k rules left untouched. As tournament "organizers", we are fine with that. At the end of the day, players get a chance to score each other based on what they bring to the table. So, if someone wants to show up with an unconventional (but legal) allies mix and a Fortress of Redemption, all packed into 1000 points... Well, that person may have to be willing to accept a few lost points by people who find that kind of stuff out of spirit.

The rest of our Tournament Rules will mainly stay untouched. Flyer rules are now in the main rulebook. Structure Point models and Gargantuan Creatures are still not allowed. VDR, Chapter Approved, and any Apocalypse exclusive stuff is still not allowed. So there we have it, not much to update!

Anyone who has played at 40kegger before knows we have tried to experiment with missions that focus on HQ choices. The fact that 6th edition is very character driven is really exciting and plays well into our mission philosophy. Its funny how Warlord Traits are very similar to rules we have used previously to try and bring a character focus.

40KEGGER 4 Scenarios

At previous events, we tried to provide unique scenarios that were created by the 40kegger. These missions received a range of feedback, but generally were fun for most players. Making scenarios can be a challenge for event organizers, but the process is easier when you have a complete understanding of a game's core rules and mechanics. And while some of our missions may have had a few wording hiccups, they were very solidified in the 5th edition 40k rule system. Now, 6th edition has barely just taken its pants off, so we are still trying to assess the details before we go balls deep into scenario creation. Rather, we are looking at translating a few of our previous scenarios with a few fun updates. We are also looking at giving players a mix of 40kegger scenarios and Rulebook scenarios for their 4 games at the event. So, players can expect to play 1 or 2 games straight from the rulebook, rolled randomly before each game. We think this is a great way to transition a new edition into the tournament circle.

Bonus Points

Congratulations to Donny Neely, Fabio Fiorentino, Dave Violago, Chad Rutherford, Homer Sayer, and Chris Brown. These 6 players got their Army Lists in before the deadline and will be awarded 5 bonus points at the event. They will also receive kudos and some non-gay man love for actually giving a shit and recognizing how hard is is for organizers to throw these kinds of things. For the other 5 guys who registered early but didn't submit their lists, we still want to thank you for taking the time to register early. Ask anybody in this city that throws 40k events and they will tell you how much easier it is to throw a great event when the players can get themselves organized early.

Moving Forward

Since registration and organization is so hard to predict, we are looking at changing the frequency of our events. After 40KEGGER 4, expect to see 40kegger events happen only once a year. Last year, we were overwhelmed by the amount of interest that people showed for our events. At one point, it was looking like we would have to make room for about 30 to 40 people. And while I'm sure there is still lots of interest, I'm sure that number dropped a little bit because of people that got offended by our language and insults towards nerds... We can accept the loss of those people. I mean seriously, you have to be able to make fun of yourself when you are an adult that plays with little toy soldiers (fuck, my kid makes fun of me...) So, for those of you that get what we are trying to do, we decided that we want to keep the buzz out there and make it a once a year thing that people can anticipate.

Beer League

Along with the single event each year, we want to introduce a Beer League to really tie the whole "Club" concept together. A few of us have started to brainstorm some ideas, and it looks like it will be a reality starting September 2012. Essentially, we would run a 8 month league that shadows the hockey season. In May, just like hockey, we would run playoffs for the players that qualify. This would be a great opportunity to actually operate like a "Club", and bring back that bracket style playoffs in a far more organized format. The basic idea is to have each player in the league have one game each month, accumulating points in an attempt to make the playoffs. Now, it wouldn't be a beer league without beer, right? Well, one member suggested we pair league games with beer tasting, bringing in the sampling of fine brews from around the world... Brilliant! So, we will have a sign up sheet ready at 40KEGGER 4 for anyone who is interested in joining the league. For those who can't make the event, just email your interest and we will make sure to include you in the communication.

That's all for now.

Oh yeah, and I'm moving back to Winnipeg...


  1. im so in for the beer...........league.

  2. wait... beer drinking league... all I have to do is bring a game of 40k to the event? DONE!