Monday, May 13, 2013

Misfits of 40K: Episode 3

Hey, do you remember that cow farting fire…?

It burns!!

The Pyrovore is arguably THE worst unit in the game.  It has an average to piss poor stat line and special rules that are too unreliable for FAR, FAR, FAR, too many points.

Ok, so not the best start to making you fall in love with this special needs brute, but let’s face it, this bad boy sucks.
I will love it and call it George!

Unfortunately there is no way I can make this piece of garbage worth taking...or is there?  Let’s see if I can do a little magic, pull a rabbit out of my ass, and convince some of the weaker minds to fall for it.

Let’s start by listing some perks.  He has a heavy flamer, and yes he only has one attack, but it ignores armour saves.  He also (possibly) does (potentially) damage to the (hopefully) enemy unit when he gets hurt or dies.  Acid Blood potentially inflicts wounds to the enemy for each wound the Pyrovore takes, too bad he only has 2 wounds, however casting endurance on this SOB could cause some concerns for the enemy.  If he passes a FNP save, he has still suffered an unsaved wound which triggers Acid Blood.  Endurance also gives him It Will Not Die, which means those wounds could regenerate.  Finally, if he happens to be hit with a weapon that causes ID, he explodes like a vehicle on a 4+.

It doesn’t sound like much but let’s talk about some uses for this overpriced and temperamental BBQ.  The first thing, and probably the most effective, is to take 3 and put them in a mycetic spore.  Drop them down around the outside of the enemy’s battle line and flame the crap out of a flanking unit.  Or drop them near the ADL and roast the, usually, wimpy unit hiding behind it and then take over the quad-gun.  Muahahahahaha! 

Flames of EVIL??

Of course, if you happen to drop them in the firing lanes of the enemy they will, more than likely, die.  So this ends up being a rather expensive sacrificial unit with little punch against 3+ armour.

Other potential uses involve walking them, but you’re gonna need some help with that because just walking those guys across the table with their junk hanging out is a sure way of it getting shot off, and then exploding and killing your models around it.
I'd shoot them off too if they were just dangling there.

Ways of keeping these dudes alive include Endurance (Biomancy) which you should have in abundance. Telekine Dome (Telekinesis) and Invisibility (Telepathy) are a couple of great spells to go with Endurance.  All that coupled with his 4+ armour save should give this cuddly guy enough time to get in someone’s grill and blow his load.

Another great...good...decent...ok it’s still shitty but give me a fuckin break this guy blows!  Sorry about that, back to what I was saying, he has Rage (see what I did there?) when his instinctive behavior check is failed, but he can still shoot unlike other units that "Feed".  So a heavy flamer, then 3 attacks at S4 that ignore armour saves.  Of course with his initiative of 1 he will be going last.  So throw him against P-fist termis and the pyrovores will get their attacks, then possibly explode and potentially take out more terminators.  Yes it’s a long shot, but these surviving to assault terminators is a long shot so if they made it this far anything is possible.

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  1. I'd like to see an episode on Space Marine Command Squads.