Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beer league quarter finals - Greg vs Chris

The day after 40kegger 5, Chris and I played our quarter final beer league game at Chris's place.

This recap is brought to you by yesterdays Fort Gary Dark.

The beer was flat. Awesome. Chris has been doing very well with his Necrons this year.

Surprise! He brought his Grey Knights

Well, fuck. If there's one thing that ass rapes me more than his Necrons, it's his Grey Knights!
Chris couldn't wait to get my pants off and start giving me an arse humpin!
My army

Chris's force was led by a GK Librarian, supported by a squad of Terminators, a Strike squad and a Psyfleman Dreadnaught.

My army was led by the Salamander Apothecary Harath Shen who attached himself to the heavy bolter Devastator Squad. I brought 2 Tactical squads, a Rapier Destroyer Battery and of course Contempty.

Mission: The Relic. Deployment: Standard

I won the roll of to go first, but chose to go second.
Chris's deployment. Terminators were combat squaded and half held in reserve

My deployment.

I attempted to seize the initiative and failed.

Dreadnaught on Dreadnaught love. "I see you"
Contempty took a chunk out of the Strike Squad

Terminators deep struck in and took out 4/10 of my Tactical Marines

1.5 Tac Squads take out 3/5 termies

Contempty finishes off the Terminators. First blood!

Termies and Strike Squad kill a few more Tac Marines

I captured the Relic with one Tac Squad and shielded them with the other Tac Squad. I told Chris at the time this picture was taken that I would forget why I had 4 fingers displayed. And I did, can't remember.

Psyfleman Dread takes out Contempty and my Tac Squad books it with the Relic

Strike Squad kills more Tac Squad. I lose the Relic

Rapier finally does something and kills a Terminator!

Multi Melta kills the Librarian who had Divination buffs up the ass! Slay the Warlord

Try as he might, Chris couldn't get my shorts off to Bum Rape me (aka I won)
The game ended after turn 5. Even though the Strike Squad was in base contact with the Relic, he unfortunately got there via consolidation after winning in assault. That being said, I had first blood and warlord and Chris had nothing.

Hey Chris. Remember when I beat you in round 2 at Astronomi-con 2012?


  1. Congratz on your win! Honestly I think you distracted him with your blinding white thighs and sexiness! I think thats cheatin!

  2. I work out.. Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle ya!

  3. the four fingers was for the 4 strike squad guys you killed that turn. My Librarian passed his multi-melta save (without reroll) and failed the rapier strike to the face (even with reroll). Rapier finally did something, LOL. Awesome and fun game as always. Cheers and good luck in the next round.....should have brought my Necrons, LOL. - Christopher

  4. Well I would pissed I never seen that Rapier do anything even against my Orks!

  5. Congrats Greg! Looks like it was a pretty action-packed game.