Monday, May 6, 2013

40kegger 5 pictures!

JP summed up the event beautifully, so I don't feel there's a need for me to write anything. Here's the pictures!

Our awesome table supplied by Warsenal

Thursty playing on the Warsenal table

Crisis Battlesuits on Warsenal Terrain

Dark Eldar hiding behind Warsenal Containers

Necrons vs Death Guard

I'm commin for ya!

Byron's sick ass Heldrake

Homer's scratch built Night Scythe vs Byron's converted Heldrake

Homer's necrons

Steve's Khorne Maggot Penis? (I don't know what it's called)

So awesome that Steve and his Khorn Demons played on the Chaos table

Tau vs Space Marines on the Feral Ork table
Painting provided by Ebay

Chad's Riptide

Donny's HellPuncher

Sideways Chaos Lord

Beard vs Nids

71 models in 1000 points. That's a lot of model moving.

Dark Angels vs Black Templars on the Necron Table

Mike was like a cat. Hanging out on the comfy chair in the sliver of sunlight. Might was forced to pull out of the event due to being on call, but still came to hang out and watch games!

Wes S's Nephilim Jetfighter

Go nerds go!

Black Library Author David Annandale hanging out, signing books and answering questions.

Charles drinkin beer
Nids vs Dark Angels

Khorne Bikers

Korne vs Tzeench on the chaos table

Steve's demons again

Hellbrute being supported by cultists

Byrons Heldrake again

Homer and his Necrons on the Warsenal table

Orks vs IG

Wes's Nephilim Jetfighter again

Thursty pre-pollution (soooooo drunk. We love you buddy)

Dave vs Fabio (Eldar vs Death Guard)

Mike watching some games
Ryan and Homer playing on the Warsenal table

Nids swarming the Warsenal table

Chad's Tau on the Warsenal table

Colin and his beard of power

Steve's Soul Grinder

Blood Thirster - MVP of the whole event

Necrons vs IG

Zombies everywhere!

One of my favourite models - Sean's Wraithlord

Nephilim Jetfighter vs Heldrake

Necrons vs Dark Eldar (Love the Tomb Stalker)

Orks vs Eldar on the Feral Ork Table

40kegger groupies! The gal on the right is Jaimie who does Winnipeg is nerdy. Great site, go check it out!

Charles's Tomb Stalker

This was a great event! So much fun. I can't wait 'till the next one! All I can say is that it's gonna be bigger and badder!

If any of y'all have any pictures, post em up or get them to JP or myself to post!



  1. Yeah, it was a lot of models (77 in fact) to move around. Good thing those Nids die fairly easy, LOL. I had a great time against all of my opponents. Cheers to all and looking forward to the next one. - Christopher

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