Monday, May 6, 2013

40KEGGER 5 - Results

This past Saturday, 24 players rolled into the Bronx Park Community Centre for 40KEGGER 5. The day started off with a bit of a challenge as the facility did not uphold their contract by having staff there at 8:00am for us to begin our setup. We stood outside the front door amidst a massive pile of terrain and event supplies until 8:30am, at which point someone finally showed up and we all scrambled to get set up in time for our event. Thanks again to Fabio and Christian for coming at the crack of dawn, and to the others that showed up before 9:00am and helped us get the event ready.

I'm sure Greg will post shortly with all of the pictures he took at the event, but I wanted to get the results up because I know the players are eager to find out where they finished. Please keep in mind that these results should be perceived without a serious regard for competition. We do not claim, in any way, to be a structured "tournament". We threw some simple scoring into the mix just to keep the day a little interesting. At the end of the day, everyone was a winner... Especially Thursty.

We pride ourselves on being able to bring everyone together for a great day of gaming and have some good laughs. I saw lots of smiles, and I heard lots of laughing, so that's why I say that everyone was a winner on Saturday. But anyways, people do like a bit of scoring, because that is the nature of the game. So, here you go:

*click to enlarge*

Congratulations to Steve Brown and his beautiful Khorne Daemons. Steve collected many skulls for the Blood God on Saturday and walked away with the title of 40KEGGER 5 Champion. I hope Steve enjoys many beers out of his Champion mug, while he continues to paint great miniatures.

Also, we recognized the 2nd and 3rd place winners, who both received max Sportsmanship scoring for their games throughout the day. Congratulations to Dave Violago and Chris Brown for their achievements, and thanks for making the day a lot of fun for your opponents!

Although there was no award presented in the category, Greg, Garth, and I would like to point out the amazing work of Wes Szmaglik. Scoring a perfect 15 in the Miniatures category, Wes brought some of the best looking miniatures we have ever seen (both in person and on the Internet). Amazing work Wes, and we hope you can get involved with our online presence and show us how you get those amazing results on your miniatures.

Once again, a huge thanks to all of those that made the event possible. We had some beautiful terrain and amazing prizes. Big thanks to Astronomi-con, Mechani-kon, Warsenal, 40K Radio/Battle Foam, Secret Weapon Miniatures, and everyone in the community.

If anyone has pictures they would like to share, please let me know and we will get them up on our website.

Now, onto the Beer League Playoffs...


  1. Congrats to all! Had an awesome time, 11 months is far to long to wait for another 40kegger!

  2. Congrats to Steve on placing first over-all! good on ya bud! Also congrats to the two runner-ups Dave V. and Chris B.!

    Also a huge thanks to JP and Greg! well run, simple game scenarios and really easy game scoring.

    Well done guys!

    Also the sportsmanship aspect was easy to mark when given specific questions that were yes or no. It actually made sportsmanship based solely on the player and their attitude rather then anything else which I really liked!

  3. Congrats!

    JP and Greg, thanks again for organizing such a fun event. As always, I had a great time.