Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And now for something completely different

2 weeks ago a good friend of mine had a baby. This friend of mine is also a fan of really cute nerd models. A few of you guys might remember some Night Goblins I painted up for her a few years ago. Well, to celebrate the birth of her first baby, I painted her up some really cute Space Mouslings by Reaper.

Awww, how cute

pew pew

It's sad that my best OSL is on these cute little buggers

Starting to get the hang of OSL
That is all. Just wanted to mix it up a bit. 40kegger 5 is just around the corner! Very excited. Here are a few super secret code words.
- Warsenal
- 40K Radio
- Secret Weapon
- Battle Foam
- Maxx

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  1. Tell your friend congrats! As for your code words, I see that 40k radio is going to be there, and they are giving away 10k in battle foam bags, with a gift cert to secret weapon.com for an additional 1k.

    And from what I can tell, Maxx Collectibles will be donating 4 battle wagons to my Ork army for coming in first place, thanks Garth!