Friday, April 5, 2013

T'was the night before Taumas... and we were on a podcast!

4 years ago I packed up my Tau into a rubbermaid container and placed it in a dark corner to forget about... ... Until now.

With the release of the new Tau codex I'm excited to pull out all of my old Tau.

My motley collection of shitilly stripped models.
As I bought most of my old Tau off ebay while living up north, they all came painted. I had originally planned on repainting them, but I thought the paint jobs were so good I'd just play with a rainbow army. The army looked really gay. Now most of the army is stripped and re-primed.... waiting for me to make a decision.


Hammerhead and Sniper drone team

Old stripped Fire Warriors

More shitty old Fire Warriors

Less shitty Fire Warriors

Bag O' Drones

Lots O' Kroot

More Kroot


XV15 Stealth suits

XV25 Stealth Suits

My poor busted ass Crisis Suits
Tomorrow I get most of my pre-order of Tau. The Codex, Pathfinders and Fireblade made it to Maxx Collectables. The Flyer and Riptide however will have to wait a few weeks. It appears that GW sent their own stores full orders and sent the leftovers to the independent retailers whatever was left over. Now to choose a new colour scheme for the army.
Here is a test model. What do you all think? Please don't comment on the quality of the paint job, it was just a quick slapdash to see how the colours went together.

Last week we were interviewed by Pat from the 11th Company Podcast. It can be heard here

To be honest I wasn't very happy with the interview...


  1. Aren't Tau all super stealthy and shit? Camo it up?

  2. I'm colour blind, those plates are red, not brown, correct? Assuming they are- I'm a big fan of high constrasting edge highlighting on plates like those, and with red, bringing it up to what.. an orange(pink, go pink..) ? I think as is, it looks like a nice scheme, I just think I wouldn't like the direction it heads when it gets to a more finished state. However... I don't really even see red very well, so take that with a grain of salt...


    1. It is in fact a red. It's the dark red triad from reaper (Red brick, deep red, blood red).
      Im kind of liking the subtle edge highlighting on this guy... Something different from the super contrasting highlight of my Salamanders.

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  3. love it wash it with carrosburg crimson, reapply that red triad, then put wazzdakka red on the raised parts, then edge highlight with a very bright red like evil sunz scarlet and that would look freaking awesome. Are you keeping the other parts black? if so dry brush with necron compound then paint all the oopsy's up with abbadon black so you just see the highlights on what you want.

    Looking super sexy all the way!

  4. Tau are fucking op now. Enjoy them dude. Fabios cron airforce is going to be butthurt.

  5. We will all shed a single tear and play the worlds smallest violin for necron airforces...

  6. I'm just reading the codex now. Was too busy building the Fireblad model and playing Chris with my Salamanders too really delve into it earlier today!

  7. great progress! I heard your interview on the 11th Co. and I really like your idea of 40kegger! I just picked up some tau last week and have been painting them. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  8. Your Tau look pretty cool. I like the blue and the white.
    I usually play Salamander space marines, so I'm kinda sick of bright colours. That's one of the reasons I'm going with the dark red/cream. My Tau are gonna be dark and dirty!