Monday, April 1, 2013

Why is it that every time I make a milkshake boys keep showing up in my yard?

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter! Fabio here to just toss up a blurb about the two games I had during Saturday march 30th’s International game day (or something like that).


So they day began by finding Maxx Collectibles. For those of you who do not already know Garth has recently moved to a new bigger and better location (Very Cool). Once that was done I had the pleasure of playing a 1,000 point game against the wicked awesome Thurston, aka Thursty, aka Rat Boy. As I began to pull models out I realized I had no CSM codex nor did I have the data sheet for my blight drone… *Face Palm*


 So the game was pretty fun! We tossed some comments back and forth at one another, rolled some dice (thirsty decided he would steal the initiative and make me walk across the table…. 0 for sportsmanship by the way) and had some good laughs. At the end of it all his Tau showed up my Chaos with the combined efforts of his precision shooting (hmmm weird hope they fix this in the new dex) and his flawless tactics (maybe they could fix this in the new dex too?).

As a Wise man… well maybe not very wise but certainly a man…. Well I guess that’s questionable at times as well… so let’s just say an individual. As an individual who shall remain nameless but loves smashburger and name starts with a “G” and his last name ends in “itchy” once said “in some countries after what he did to me he would have to merry me.”

All in all it was a great game! I have learned that Rhinos are gay and Blight Drones are amazing at doing absolutely NOTHING!!

Regardless, Thanks again Thurston for the game and I promise the next time we square off the outcome will not be the same.

So after that game I had to play big-ol Sean Regher for my March Kegger Match! Let me give you some info on big Sean… He is:

Really tall

 An Engineer

A douche bag and brings a Heldrake to a 1,000 point game… WHO THE HELL DOES THAT….Prick..


Anyway…. Our game was quite fun. Sean has not played for quite some time because he devotes his time to studying or something like that.. (Sounds like poor life choices to me..)Personally I think he needs sort his life out and re-evaluate his priorities.

Sooo the game went a little something like this:

1st Turn… Nothing for the necrons, and a bit of moving and some failed shooting for the CSM

2nd Turn... The French Bakery warmed up and began to open rhinos (see again shitty rhinos!!!), my Deathmarks actually killed something and.. Sean’s CSM responded by killing my Tomb Blade and Killing all my Deathmarks with that over powered QQ magnet of a Heldrake.


3rd Turn Well the Bakery was pumping out crescents at maximum productivity so the turn can be summed up like this:

(Look at the awesome dice rolls to blow the Scythe up)

4th Turn… …. Well….


5th Turn…The Crons pulled it off and defeated the CSM 5-4 in primary objective and the Necrons also accumulated points for Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, and First Blood. So the final match was 8-4 for the Crons.

Thanks for the Game and the laughs Sean.. but honestly next time you come for a 1k game, don’t bring a Heldrake… You douche ;)

Until Next time kids “Keep Fit, and Have Fun”


  1. you brought 3 croissants....and he is the douche? lol

  2. @ Rob G: It was a running joke that day lol and that was partially why it was funny.

  3. Great post.

    For your next Beer League game, I think it would be hilarious if you stopped at Tim Hortons on the way and picked up some fresh baked croissants and put them on your flying bases.

  4. To clarify that picture of me with the tape in my mouth... I was showing why the gays dont like me. Cant get stuff very deep in there. hahahahaha

  5. Greg, the last number we can see on the tape measure is 8" so I don't know....

  6. Greg, the last number we can see on the tape measure is 8" so I don't know....

  7. Damnit! I hope I just didn't attract a pack of em! lol
    Wait a minute... you cant see the numbers on the tape!

  8. Rob... He brought 4 croissants. They weren't light and fluffy though, so I was a little disappointed. O.o

  9. haha Sean but they were so low in fat they were practically floating ;)

  10. Now that my life is sorted out I need be sure I get in on the next beer league. I am missing too much fun!