Thursday, March 28, 2013

40kegger is proud to present a special BLACK LIBRARY guest at 40kegger 5!

40kegger is proud to present BLACK LIBRARY author DAVID ANNANDALE as our very special guest at 40kegger 5!

Mr. Annandale will be available to answer questions any of you might have about being a writer for the Black Library. He will also be signing any books you might want to bring. There will be a few copies of his books for purchase at the 40kegger event!

All about the Black Dragons. As a Salamanders player I am very stoked about getting my copy signed! At the time of this post I am on Pg. 173
You know all you IG players will wanna grab this novella

Same goes for you, you rotten Blood Angels players!
It's official! 40kegger is bringing SEXY back nerd gaming!
I'm bringing sexy back... on a 4+


  1. Even though I caught caught JP in a weak moment and found out before, this is awesome. As for the Yarrick novel, my Ghaz basically has dummied this guy all over the Galaxy, really just give up already.

  2. My first question for him will be if he plans on doing a pop-up book/comic series ;).. Just playing!

    Very cool to see this happening. I know a bunch of you are into the books!