Friday, March 22, 2013

Dark Star 2013 Part 1 - Food and armies

This past weekend 9 of us traveled down to Minneapolis to participate in the Dark Star 40k tournament.

Allow me to list off the 5 best reasons to partake in this wonderful event. These are in a VERY particular order.

1) You get to eat Smashburger EVERY FUCKING DAY!
If it was legal in the state of Minnesota, I would marry Smashburger

2) You have easy access to cheap shitty American beer all tournament long.
We actually did good on beer this year. Only Charles bought a shitty box

3) You get to play in a huge venue with lots of spaced out tables with some pretty good terrain

2 bins per table
32 tables

4) You will get to meet and play some (hopefully) awesome and new people

Us with our new buddy Josh and Older buddy (from last years Dark Star) Seth

5) You will get to see and play some pretty slick and rad armies

Avengers Space Marines. Notice the slick Stormtalons

Yup. Those be paper

paper fucking Stormtalon

Captain Thor Lysander

This was a pretty cheesy army, but his power units were air brushed all pretty

This guy had 3 Helldrakes, flamers and screamers. POWER POWER POWER

Pretty awesome Crimson Fists. Pffft, this guy just "wanted to have fun". What a loser, didn't even find his list on the internet. Hrmph 1st company bullshit. Nobody likes fluff.

Command squad? Who uses Command Squads?

More 1st company

Other than the this Attack Bike, the Termies, Command Squad and Lysander, the rest of the army was Scouts. Awesome job Josh!

Our very own Christian's IG with GK allies

Psyker Battle Squad

Tim Flander's awesome Space Marines. Made up from lots of Dark Angel and Black Templar Bitz
Tim's Servitor

Chaplain Warlord

Seth's Nurgle Demon Prince
Another Nurgle Prince

The rest of Seth's Nurlge Demons and Nurgle Marine allies
Broeska's Red Corsairs
Nice shading
Some nice Eldar


Dark Eldar flyer whos name I can't remember
Take that power gamers!

Lunch and beers during day 1. The tournament is right below us in the basement. Very handy

Brenden, Seth and Fabio
Supper at Barley John's. Great idea Seth!

Oyster appetizer

Chris and Darrell

Seth and Ryan

I ate so much Smashburger that I turned into a fat(ter) fuck

Periwinkle pasta. Best $25 I spent that night!
So there you have it folks. Part 1 of our Dark Star trip. Stay tuned for some pictures of epic battles of epicness!



  1. Besides smash burger those paper models blew my mind. Im already freaked out about breaking my plastic ones, seriously how do you get a paper one to last?

  2. I had a blast first game. Your Inquisitor got the best of me this time. Seriously was very cool seeing you guys make the tip to darkstar in such numbers. I'm very jealous of your group!

    I'm really thinking of coming up for your event if work and the wife are permitting.

    Josh Dunn