Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dark Star 2013 pt 2: Epic battles of epicness

Here are a few pictures taken during my games. Before you start complaining (Anonymous bastard)  about why it's only my games that have pictures... It's because it was MY camera during MY games. Too busy playing to run around snapping shots of other peoples games.
Take a shot every time I use the word "Epic"

Game 1:

Played a fella with some pretty neat-o looking orks. 4 battle wagons converted from GIGANTIC kids toys. At first I thought they were pretty cool... then someone brought it to my attention that he's blocking objectives with those seriously over sized models... And they all had Deff Rollas... Does that mean he's able to hit even more with those?

I'm pretty sure there's a sex move named after this Battle Wagon configuration...

Fuck me....

Even Orks get cold when they go camping

 BAM Direct hit! ZOT hit with Melta! FLUB on armour pen :(
It's raining men Boys

Look Ma, no Space Marine vehicles!

Ever been gang banged by Boyz? You end up crying to death...


Played a sweet looking Chaos /w Traitor Guard army. It's supposed to be an offshoot of the Alpha Legion, hence the colour scheme. At first I didn't think it could be Chaos, as there were absolutely ZERO Helldrakes in the list.
Bass ass Mauler fiend

Slick ass Chaos Spawn converted from Fantasy Ogres
Close up

Traitor sentinel

So, I buy this guy a drink (you know, to boost my sportsmanship score) and the guy tells me he's been sober 8 days. I feel like a dick. He was only kidding! Worst Joke Ever!

5 armour saves. 5 fails. YAHTZEE!

Epic showdown

Game 3:

Game 3 I played a fantastic fellow named Tim Flanders from Fantasy Flight Games. It was an epic battle of Vanilla Space Marines vs Vanilla Space Marines. Iron Clad vs Iron Clad. Quad Gun vs Quad Gun. Super fun game. It's good being in the losing tier!

I assure you, he only LOOKS like he skins teenagers in a cabin in the woods. Really a great guy. I surprised him with this picture, hence the creepy face

A little Ironclad on Ironclad porn. Salamander Ironclad finishing move: AIMS. Anally Inserted Melta Shot

Thems a lot of Terminators... and they want revenge for the ass raping their Ironclad just got!


 Hmmm... I thought I had more pictures of that game...

Game 4:

Epic game against Flesh Tearers. Most nail biting, epic and hard fought game yet.

Les Flesh Tearers. That's French for The Flesh Tearers

Note: There were no scouts in this Stormraven

I chose these scouts to be marked for termination as per the mission. Drop podding Ironclad with two heavy flamers got em on turn one. Point Greg! Sorry Mr. Sass!

Normally I'm scared of multiple Vindicators and Plas-Las razorbacks... but not when the Demolishers keep scattering onto their own units and the plasmas keep over heating!

The battlefield

both of our Charity bought tournament reroll dice.

Lucky multimelta shot from the (self)immobilized Redeemer took down the storm raven
Turned out this was the Little Razorback who could!

This mission also had the Relic objective. This razorback was the games MVP. It killed 12 scoring models, preventing the Flesh Tearers from retrieving the Relic. Note the 4 rending 6's!
 I'm sad I missed the most epic part of this entire game! He outflanked Mephiston, forgot you could no longer assault when you come in from reserves and then proceeded to take about 6 meltashots to the face!
When he was down to only 1 wound, he decided to go to ground for the last 2 saves he had to make from the tactical squad. He needed double sixes. He rolled 1 SIX and 1 THREE. He then decided to use his tournament reroll dice for his failed going to ground save. HE ROLLED HIS SIX!!!... Then the quad gun turned and obliterated his face! SLAY THE WARLORD!

Not for Mephiston... not this time :p
Game 5:

A little 40kegger on 40kegger action. Christian ended up raping me like he usually does in 6th. I liked 5th edition better... I seemed to beat Christian a lot more back then :p

Like true gentlemen

Pffft, I got this!

See that big stone fist center piece. Christian basically shoved that up my ass

I see you

Oh God! Maybe I don't have this!

It's the disappearing Tactical Squad Trick!

 Uh... Seems like I ran out of pictures. Here's the rundown of my games:

Game 1: Loss
Game 2: Loss
Game 3: Win
Game 4: Win
Game 5: Loss

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. Most of my games were really fun. My game against the giga-orks was only so so. Again, Congrats to Fabio and Brenden for bringing home 3 more trophies for 40kegger!

Best General, Best General: Necrons, Best General: Imperial Guard
Our hero relaxing in the hotel after a hard day of nerding. I'm sexy and I know it.... I work out!


  1. Greg that was a great read!

    The weekend was great I had a lot of fun hanging out with you all ad rolling dice! I quite literally am counting the days until next year! I am already scheming... Big plans, Big Plans!

  2. Fun read!

    RE: Ork wagons: would you consider that "modeling for advantage"?

    Congrats, again, to all the winners.

  3. @DaveV: Im not sure he was intentionally modeling for advantage. I think it was to avoid paying $80 a battle wagon... but it totally made a difference.

  4. That Ork game gave me lots of ideas, as of now im considering painting the Barbie Escalde in my garage green and red, thats right, 3 1/2 feet tall of cover saving goodness!

  5. Rob, you can dress your girls up in cardboard boxes and kleenex box feet and use em as titans.

  6. Yeah the Gork and Mork sisters would cause every army on the table to run for their lives.