Friday, March 8, 2013

Tau, 40kegger 5 and Awesome Rob

New Tau pre-release novella on ebay sparking rumours of new Tau codex.

 Rumours from the Apocalypse 40k :

A pre-release copy of the new Black Library novella "Shadowsun" is on eBay right now and rumors are all over about Tau being the April codex release.  


shaso iceborn on Warseer posted this:
  *There will be no new races (no Demiurge after all).  *Kroot will be expanded,  *New Vespid were play-tested I am awaiting confirmation as to whether or not they made into final print. *There are multiple fliers and and new units. 
This post is intentionally vague until I can gain confirmation of units.

Shaso Iceborn also left a comment on Faeit 212:

For Tau lovers, I wouldn't worry about a backache in April as your wallet might just become a lot lighter.

Shaso seems to be a credible source and  I would tend to believe this rumor.  Call it wishful thinking maybe!


Braden Campbell SHADOWSUN 1st/HB MINT Warhammer 40K Tau Novella Pre-Release

Jizzlefinger brings you SHADOWSUN by Braden Campbell. Published in 2013 by Black Library. MINT condition, brand new and unread. A nice surprise to find this 128 page Tau Hardback Novella sitting on the table at the 2013 Black Library Live! event. I can't find any other details about this book yet, all I know is it's a pre-release and have found vague mentions of it being out as a general release sometime in March, but have found no mention of it yet on the Black Library website. I'm guessing it will be released as a direct exclusive much like Yarrick : Golgotha Unchained and Flesh Of Cretacia. 


SHADOWSUN - The Last Of Kirku's Line

Commander Shadowsun, child of the famed Kiru and protege of the legendary Commander Puretide, is destined to lead the next phase of the Tau Empire's expansion... if she can survive the trials before her. Crash-landed on an enemy-held planet, with foes all around and a seemingly impossible mission to complete. Shadowsun is determined to achieve victory, even at the cost of her life. But when she receives a message that tears her world apart, Shadowsun must make a choice unthinkable to most Tau; to abandon her duty for the sake of family, or continue to fight for the Greater Good.

So there you go.  I know there are a lot of Tau players who will be very happy when the new codex comes out.  And I especially hope that GW pushes the Tau along fluff wise, giving them new technology, as it is cool to have a race that is constantly evolving (well, besides the Nids!).  Crisis Suits are due for a replacement as the Forgeworld models have been cooler for about 7 years now!


Are these rumours gonna turn out to be true? I have a bucket of Tau packed away in a closet and I'm torn whether or not I'm gonna start collecting again. If the "new" codex is a classic "Matt Ward Winningest Codex Ever", I think my Tau will be going up on Ebay. If it is a fun and ballenced codex, I may start playing again.

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And Last off, here is Robs awesome new Wazdakka model.