Monday, March 18, 2013

40kegger brings home 3 trophies from Dark Star in Minneapolis!

Well, we brought home 3 plaques to add to the 40kegger trophy room

Fabio for Best General

Brenden for Best General: Imperial Guard

Fabio for Best General: Necrons
40kegger pride!

L-R: Greg Brenden Fabio Charles Chris Christian Ryan Steve Darrell
Hopefully next year we will bring even more people to Dark Star. The Dark Star guys were happy to see us again and can't wait for next year. Soon it will be all 40keggers at Dark Star!

I was gonna post pics of the event yesterday and today... but fuck you, I'm exhausted! Pictures and Dark Star Organizers interview video to come soon! Stay tuned!



  1. Congrats guys! Hopefully make it out next year, I got a question though, is the Dark Star held in a tropical enviroment? I see two guys with shorts, that cant be warm!

  2. @ Rob, Being in that room is not extremely warm but at the same time it is not that cold ether. Shorts are actually appropriate and I would recomend them to anybody that joins us next year!

    Great showing everyone! I cant wait for next year!

  3. @chasoftw, I have so much to learn! ;P

  4. As always its awesome to have a pint and roll some dice with you guys. Let me know if you go below the border again.

  5. For sure... except who are you ? ;) lol

  6. Oh shit! Never mind Seth lol!
    I thought you were one of the army guys from Shilo, Manitoba.
    I did a google search for SFSHILO and saw some pics of your demons. Now I'm not confused!