Friday, March 1, 2013

It's not about winning or losing. It's about having fun

And I had the most fun, therefore I win!
See, this trophy says I'm the most fun!

This past weekend held the 13th annual ASTRONOMI-CON at the Winnipeg Convention Center.
25 players showed up to battle it out on 15 awesome tables with missions completely revamped for 6th edition.

Before I go any further with this post, I just want to thank Christian Augst, Keith Grant and Mike Major for putting on another great event!

Keith, Mike & Christian
  And these guys do it 4 FUCKING TIMES A YEAR! Yes that's right, Astronomi-con is not limited only to us in Winnipeg! Dallas, Toronto and Vancouver have the honour of hosting this greatest of nerdaments once a year. check out their website for more info on upcoming events.

So, all in all it was a great weekend of nerding. I won a trophy for best sportsman which was awesome. I believe my little nerd speech went something like this: "Best sportsman means a lot to me, because I'm really about just having fun. I'm really glad I won this trophy because I can barely paint and I never fucking win."

Another 40kegger member (Vice president actually) JP won the award for best single model for his Chaos Sorcerer
JP took to long to send me a picture of his trophy. This proxy will have to do.
Here is his awesome model!

This pic is stolen from the Astronomi-con facebook page, as the picture I took didnt turn out very well

Mario Rocha won best overall with his super fucking awesome Space Wolves. Check out his display board, it's the launch bay of a Space Wolf ship!

The Storm Eagle in it's launch cradle. Mario scratch built this out of half a Stormtalon and a shit ton of plasticard... and some Babylon 5 toy bits.

Drop pods ready to launch.

5 years of major conversions and scratch building finally paid off for Alex Bedard as he and his Sky Boyz won best Army.

Here is a list of all the events winners. Congrats to all of us who won something, and thanks to those who didn't. I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time... Even the guy(s) who lost every game.

  • Best Overall – Mario Rocha
  • Best Army – Alex Bedard
  • Best General – Mike Knudsen
  • Best Single Miniature – J.P. Perrault
  • Best Sportsman – Greg Ritchie
  • Best Appearance – Brock Jansen
  • Best Terrain – Kevin Nelson
  • Best Army List – Neil Spears
The winners: Alex, Neil, Mike JP, Greg, Mario
 I was lucky enough to draw JP for the first game. Even though we run the 40Kegger together, we hardly ever get to play, so it was nice to be able to have an epic battle on an awesome table against the dude. This was the only game I really took any pictures. (Fuck off, this is not a batrep. Read Robs posts for those :P )

Night Lords attempting to charge over the defense lines of the Salamanders

Night Lords succeeding in charging over the defense lines of the Salamanders

There's nerds here!!!! I'll fight em! Where are they?!?!?
Well, I thought I took more than 3 pictures... Well, in the end, JP scored more victory points than I did. Now some more highlights of the weekend.

Mario's Space Wolves taking on Jim's Vietnamese Restaurant menu army list Dark Eldar

Very bright Wyches

Ryan's Glitter Marines (or Emily of New Marines) taking on Da Sky Boyz (Sorry Ryan hahaha)

Orbital Bombardment from Darrell's arm pit?

Brock's Nids

Hive Fleet Kaga

My Salamanders - Exploratory Force Argos (I had a story and everything!)
Most tedious thing I ever painted, this stupid defense line

Odd how my best painted models is also my worst...

Oh Contempty, how I love thee!

Damien's Dark Eldar
Lance's White Stars

Space Tigers Icarus Lascannon

Even robot space dragons loves them some croissants (necron and chaos allies)

Mike's Dark Eldar with princess terrain?

JP's Night Lords!

Chris's Necrons
Chris's Lord

Alex's Sky Boyz
Never did figure out what this was.... Leave a comment below

Dave's Eldar

...and his sucky Autarch who gave everyone move through cover! (awesome model tho!)
More Hive Fleet Kaga

Hive Tryrant

Sean's Necrons with Imotek... Who's lightning power "almost never works"... Fuck off, works all the time! hahaha

Sean's Triarch Stalker, who enjoys trading melta shots with a tactical squad through the woods all game

Neils Blood Angels
And their Chappy
*Mumble Mumble's* Chaos

Ryan's Space Marines

Rod's Tau

Charles's Crimson Fists with Blood Angel best friends

Ryan K's Chaos with Demon allies. Notice the Spawn and Demon Prince in case he rolls good or bad on the boon table

I think this is a Tervagon
Jordan's Ork... guy?

Jim's Dark Eldar

More Chaos to whom I cannot remember who it belongs to

and So-and-So's cool Blight Drone

Someone must have stolen my camera and snuck down to the parkade for some LCA 112(a) after a hard weekend of gaming.

Fucking eh guys! Can't wait till next year!


  1. Its ok if you forgot me. So-and-so is me Mike Eifert (nurgle blight drone guy)

  2. IIRC, Alex' figure is a Nob in mega armour.

    Thanks again for the fun game!

  3. And in case it matters, the Storm Eagle was converted from the Storm Raven kit. I don't have the talent to make the Storm Talon look good.


    And again, thanks for the kind words.


  4. Thank you for the fun game Dave. I will beat you one of these days!

    To Mario: Aw crap! too many storm*blanks*. I meant the stormraven! Damnit. Awesome job anyways!