Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two pump dump - Of WIP pictures

Just started doing up one of myXV25 Stealth Suits. Pretty cool so far. Obviously they're not done yet, and there are some things I need to fix (such as the glow coming from the visual optics... I don't think the glow would get on the head part). I just thought it looked cool so far and wanted to share. Thoughts?

And that's it. A quick two pump dump of pics.



  1. Greg, I have to say your paining has improve quite a bit man. That suite looks great! the transition as if its cloaking and the glow effects look really good. Have you already chosen a complete list? what kinda toys are you rolling with?

  2. I haven't made a list yet, I usually have a large stock of models and make my lists from them. I have a flyer, riptide and broadside coming yet.

  3. I've always liked stealth suits, so my lists will probably always be stealth suit heavy... like before :p

  4. looks like it was shot with a blue paintball.