Saturday, September 8, 2012

Colin M vs Dave T (Battle Report)

Chaos Space Marines vs. Dark Eldar

Here's my first attempt at a battle report!

Colin's List (as best as I can recall)
?Demon Lord
3 X 3 Chaos Terminators with a twin linked autocannon
2 X Chaos marine Troops x 5 with meltagun and Rhino

My "just built" Dark Eldar

Haemonculuswith venom blade and liquefier gun in raider with 
 > (8 warriors) blaster and raider with Night Shield
 (10 warriors) Splint-can and raider with night shield                                                                             
5 warriors, blaster, raider with night shield                   
5 warriors, raider with night shield     

Ravager, night shield
Ravager, night shield
Ravager, night shield 

Mission rolled - ?crusader with 3 + 2 (5) objectives rolled.

Recover from the DT's with Delerium Tremens
I rolled up with  a specialty beer from the land of the Felmish (Dutch Belgium) called Delerium Tremens. This fine golden ale was voted best beer in the world in 1998 by Stuart A. Kallen, in his book "The 50 Greatest Beers in the World" and again in 2008 at the World Beer Championships in Chicago voted Best Beer in the world. With a pedigree like that how could I say no.
Upon opening both Colin and I lost several precious mLs as it frothed from the bottle. Those several mLs probably keep me under the legal limit post game for driving as it packs a punch at 8.5% EtOH. The beer is smooth, minimal aftertaste. I would rate this beer a 6.8/10 - definitely enjoyable and definitely drinkable but I like my beers with an interesting flavour with an interesting aftertaste. This beer was more just drinkable.

On to the game!

Colin won the roll to go first and set up opposite me
I set up in my corner using 2 raiders to provide some shielding for my bigger warrior squads and ravagers.

Standard hide in the corner Dark Eldar approach

Turn 1
Night fighting turn one
Colin edged forward with his units to get into a better fire position. After moving and then lining up for shooting the night shields proved their usefulness keeping my units out of range of his attacks making for a short first turn for Colin.
I spread my units out in my turn to give my units a nice jink save.
After all my shooting (which was very hit and miss) I took several wounds off of his demon prince and prevented his Vindicator from moving or shooting his massive gun for the next turn.

Moving out from the corner taking a few pot-shots
Turn 2
Colin moved his Terminators forward and fired off the defilers weapons. His third unit of terminators deepstruck right in front of Raiders.
Some bad luck on some of his rolls this turn preventing one of my raider squads from moving or shooting but otherwise leaving my units intact. His Demon prince charged into my HQ raider squad. Overwatch took another wound from him. Amazingly the raider survived leaving his prince in a bad position for the following turn.

On my turn I moved everything around for the jink save. I take out the demon prince and one terminator each from two of the units. I failed to do anything to the vindicator this turn leaving it ready to go next round.
The death of the demon gives me First blood and I assume it was also his warlord being killed.
I took a hull point or 2 from the defiler.
The closer of the Terminator group failed his Leadership check and bravely turned their tail and fled.

Spreading out my forces... but really not that spread note the clumping of 3 vehicles

Turn 3
The Chaos army continued to push forward lining up their weapons for more shenanigans.
The vindicator fired at my raider and missed….
                Unfortunately it missed several inches forward laying its template over a raider and 2 ravagers that in retrospect I carelessly parked too close together. 3 pens and one save later I have an immobilized Ravager and a shaken and stunned raider.
In other shooting another hull point was taken from a raider leaving only 1 hull point left.
I spaced out my units to ensure no more multi-hits occurred. 
I killed a few more terminators and managed to destroy the vindicator after focussing fire (that pie plate is bad news for my paper planes)
One of the terminator squads fails its test and runs towards the board edge – luckily for Colin he manages to stay on.

Spikey Terminator runs towards the board edge before rallying

Turn 4.
A lot of the sting has been taken out of the chaos army with the loss of several autocannon totting terminators and the vindicator. The defiler fired off its battlecannon and managed the hit a Ravager leaving only able to fire off snap shots on the following turn. The terminators fire into the raider with only 1 hull point and finish it off. Everyone gets out (5 warriors) and subsequently lose 2 more to autocannon shots.

I continue to spread out and begin to move forward slowly to gain shooting angles for the final rounds. I fire off some shots that don’t do very much – one of his terminators just won’t die taking fire from two raiders and their crew

No objectives in my posession as yet

Turn 5
Not much shooting happening this round for Colin, he unloads his marines near objectives for the possible end of game. Several more shots are taken at my unloaded warriors – 2 more die leaving a single warrior who stands his ground.
 Looking around it’s at this point I realize I’m not in position to claim many objectives. I begin to move forward my units. I move a raider flat out forward towards an objective but no one can get out this turn to claim. I pull another raider closer and let out its cargo onto an objective. I continue with some shooting taking out a rhino and the defiler and finishing off the terminators. I pick off a couple of marines on one objective but not enough if the game ends at this point.
Even with most of his army down Colin is in the lead. We roll for game to continue and luckily for me it does.
Right now it’s Colin 6 VP to my 5 VP 

Moving forward to capture objectives - very easily it could have been too late for me

Turn 6
Not much to do for Colin – he’s not moving and all that’s in range are some warriors; he manages to down 1 of them.

I let my warriors out near an objective and claim it – now we are sitting 2 objectives a piece. I continue firing into his marines – the ones I can see. The stronghold in the middle is blocking my line of sight making it difficult but I manage to finish them off. 2 objectives to 1.

Right now I have 8 VP and Colin 3, we roll to see if the game continues and again it does

Turn 7
Colin does nothing

I think about it but decide no good reason to kill anything else and the game is over.

It was a great game with several rounds of lousy shooting on both sides but several rounds of good shooting for me really taking over the game – if it had ended on Turn 5 Colin would have won due to bad planning on my part. Fortunately for me it didn’t I managed to finish it off.

MVP was the night shields on turn one shutting down what could have been a big round of shooting for Colin.

I don't like spamming and my armies usually have little to no repeats - unfortunately it was all I had assembled so my Ravager heavy list is a little spammy for my liking- while effective I want to make my list more interesting so I will make several changes as time goes on.

Good game and thanks again Colin!

NOTE: this is pretty close to what happened - I didn't write it down at all so some things may have happened in different rounds but it is close :P

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