Thursday, September 27, 2012

September beer league standings

With only a few days left in September some people still need to get their beer league games in. Here are the standings so far.

Player NameMatches PlayedWinsLossesDrawsOverall PointsVP's ForVP's AgainstVP's +/-
1) Dave Violago1001166+0
2) Keith Grant00000000
3) Chris Brown1001166+0
4) Greg Ritchie1100295+4
5) JP Perreault1010009-9
6) Rob Lentowich1100290+9
7) Collin Martin1010038-5
8) Christian Augst10011660
9) Sean Regehr1010012-1
10) Charles Janke00000000
11) Sam Leblanc00000000
12) Jason Lane00000000
13) Steve Brown1100221+1
14) Garth Bowman00000000
15) Dave Taylor1100283+5
16) Lance Jones1010059-4
17) Jordan Nylolaishen00000000
18) Fabio Fiorentino1001166+0

For those of you interested in hosting matches, but don't have a table, here is a helpful link.

Rob, you may want to look into this so there is no more 3 inch deployments in your future games ;) (You're welcome JP)


  1. Ya 3 inches is never enough.

    How many times have you heard that Greg?

    Haha, me so funny...

  2. well shit aren't Orks supposed to cheat?