Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More New Chaos

Hey, now its 9:19am on September 19, 2012. Someone else on the Internet got their White Dwarf early and posted the missing pieces. Lots more stuff coming, but most importantly...


Let's all sing and dance! Grab the person next to you and just kiss them. Then slip a little bit of tongue in there. Phone your parents and tell them you love them. Pick up a random puppy somewhere and give it a hug. Tell your boss to fuck off because you don't need a job anymore, you are just going to play 40k all day from now on.



So, after a full day to digest the first sneak peeks, we get a little bit more to bring the release into perspective. Now we get a chance to see some of these models alongside standard Chaos Space Marine minis, with scenery backdrops, and fighting other races, so we can start to get an overall feel for this release.

The new characters are just brilliant. How about that Dark Apostle? Fuck me, that is exactly what a Dark Apostle should look like. I'm buying 14 of those. The new Sorceror is pretty nice, and the new Aspiring Champion looks like he complements that Dark Vengeance Chosen unit just perfectly. They really got it right with these minis; they are just what I was hoping for.

We get to see some more variations of the Forgefiend. I'm still not sold on it though, although I can see a little bit of evolution from the Juggernaut of Khorne in there. I still think its a silly cash grab unit and it will probably sit on my "WTF list" right beside the Nemesis Dreadknight. However, I am starting to like the Helldrake more. Not only can we see some more details about its head and back, we also see how beautiful it looks painted in Night Lords colors (teehee). But those new Mutilators (close combat Obliterators) are the dumbest looking minis I have ever seen. I'm glad I boycotted Obliterators many years ago because I will continue to boycott these God awful minis.

The new Raptors are amazing. Obviously a dual kit with the Warp Talons, I just absolutely love this kit. The little wings on the Warp Talons are gay, but everything else about the kit is sexy. The helmets and armour are consistent with that new baroque tone that Dark Vengeance introduced, and those pre-heresy jump packs really seal the deal. I think all my metal Raptors are going up on ebay tonight...

I have to say though, one of the best things that I have heard about this whole release is that the Codex was written by Phil Kelly. With Dark Eldar and Space Wolves among his most recent works, I know this is going to be an intense book. I'm glad Matt Ward didn't go near this book because I wasn't looking for a Necrons or Grey Knights Codex. I want something with flavour and without obvious game winning combinations. I can't wait, I want it now...


  1. I like the raptors/warp kittens kit. After some scientific analysis, the raptors and warp kittens are virtually the same. Different heads, feet and hands. The gay My Little Pony wings on the warp talons look like spiky bits that you dont have to add if you dont want too. Looks like there is gonna be TONS of extra bits left over for converting other models!

  2. For the most part, I really like what I see. Raptors are good, Warpsmith and Dark Apostle are excellent, and that dragon is growing on me. Still not sold on the daemon engines though, and seriously... What the fuck happened to those obliterator faces? They look like they're melting or something.