Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Chaos Minis

It's 9:35am in Winnipeg on September 18, 2012. Over the last hour or so, the Internet has been flooded with a few pictures of the new Chaos Space Marines kits coming out this October. I just wanted to throw out a few of my opinions on the subject because I have been waiting for this Codex and these new minis since the day the last piece of shit Codex came out. There are two things that I have been anticipating like crazy over the last couple years: new Chaos, and the return of the Winnipeg Jets. I got my Jets, now finally I am getting my Chaos.

So, let's dig in...


Click on the images to see a larger version. Well, I have mixed feelings about these. My first thought was, "Dammit GW, what the fuck are you doing?" I then looked at them a couple of times and started to see what might be going through the heads of the GW design team...

First of all, this is a big step away from Space Marines, which is a good thing. To be honest, Chaos has never really been that much different on the table than Space Marines. The last Chaos Codex was a true testament to that statement and has been labelled "Codex Spiky Marines" since the day it came out. This new version of Chaos is the push towards something unique, but did they maybe push a little bit too hard?

I think Dark Vengeance was really a sneak peak at the Baroque style that Chaos is now taking on. The idea with the design seems to center around lots of sharp edges and a sickening amount of metallic trim. From this perspective, I love the new Chaos look. They made them more antique, but with a sinister "Warp" feeling to them.

My problem is this new push with Daemon Engines. To me, Daemon Engines are existing vehicles that have been taken over by the Warp. I think they did that perfectly with the new Helbrute model in Dark Vengeance. But this Forgefiend and Maulerfiend? Since when did Carnifexes start fucking Defilers and making baby Daemon Engines? I don't get it. Why the Dinobot look? I really don't see much of a daemon presence there, just a monster wearing armor. And the Helldrake sort of leaves me with the same feeling too, but not quite as bad. I am starting to like the Warp Talons quite a lot. Ya, I'm a Night Lords fanboy, but I think they got it perfect with those. They have that "pre heresy" look to them (jump packs), so they truly look like ancient Astartes that have been living in the Eye of Terror for 10,000 years. Good job with the Warp Talons GW!

I understand the need to have the Codex be something vastly different than Space Marines. Great idea to have a huge Warp presence in the design, and to make them tainted to the point that they are something completely new. They did that with the Warp Talons and the Warpsmith. I am buying those without a doubt. But these other Daemon Engines?... I dunno, maybe if they have some amazing rules.


  1. JP,

    While I think your perspective is not invalid I do have to disagree.

    I am no fluff boy by any stretch of the imagination but I think GW is doing it right.

    Before CSM was basically SM with some minor alterations. This was ok but quite boring. Now it seems that they have made is seem like the CSM have taken what they knew from the SM and through the warp and just over time evolved in their own way. They now have begun to trap souls within mechanical monstrosities to do their bidding. In my opinion it really gives you a sense of how twisted the warp has mad the CSM.

    As for the models again I think they did a great job.

    Mauler/Forge Fiend: Very Generic in the sense that they do not look like they belong to any one god. They have nice detail and look like they have versatility as far as game play goes. The model while having nice detail does not look too intricate which allows for a lot of customizability to fit themed armies.

    Warptalons: Well they certainly look better then the old raptors and the name certainly sounds a hell of a lot better. I am not a fan of the poses still but I can not bash they because I dont know if the poses are static or were just set that way. IF they are stuck in those poses I will be rather disappointed.

    Warpsmith: Am i crazy about it... not really.. but the fact its again a generic HQ that is easily customizable in so many ways to fit a themed army. Not to mention there looks like that kit will have some great bits.

    Helldrake: Not this is what I was hoping for. I really like this monster. It is a great looking kit at first glance and again totally customizable which is pretty important to me. Yes it looks a little cartoony with the way the wings look like cardboard but again I think some proper converting will make it look great on the table.

    All-in-all I am rather pleased with what I see so far. As I mentioned numerous times the customizability in these new kits is off the hook and will certainly make for some great centre pieces in some armies.

    Over-all I would rate these at a 7.5 out of 10

  2. U know I F'n love the look of them. Honestly. Why? Because they are supposed to be VERY far removed from the Space Marine units they once were. Spending a few million years in the warp being twisted. The one thing I always hated about the Chaos were that they were space marines with spikes attached. Now they look like their own army with their own flavor and units.

    Man if I was trying to build two armies at the same time I would be all over those.

  3. Well after looking forward for such a long time for new models and seeing the amazing stuff that has come out for the DE recently I'm not digging the new Chaos for the most part. I will be picking up a Warpsmith (love the bulky look to him) and I'm thinking the Warp Talons might be on the list as well, but not sure. I'm hoping the Daemon Engines look better in real life then they do in those photos. Personally I always liked the look of the chaos marines, that they look enough like regular marines to be a constant reminder of what can happen to even the most trusted guardians of the human race.

    I guess what I'm most disappointed in is that there are no photos of any new cult troops.

  4. I think the functionality of the warpsmith's axe is rendered useless when you put fucking spikes on the blade.

    GW Concept artist: "I really like it... I do...but it needs more spikes"

    GW Sculptor "Gay"

    GW Concept artist: "Would it be too much to put spikes ON the spikes?"

    GW Sculptor: ... (he didn't say anything as he just shot himself)

  5. I think they look great! Remember, these are just more choices for the Chaos army builder/player. Nobody says you have to take these units....well until Matt Ward makes the new codex and gives the ForgeFiend a Toughness of 6, 5 wounds, 6 attacks and a 2+ Invulnerable save. Then lets face it...you kinda HAVE to take them. :P

    Whats with these Chaos names though? Its like they asked a 9 year old kid.

    GW: Whats this one Billy?

    Billy: A Hell Puncher!

    GW: Ok....how about this one?

    Billy: Thats a Fire...Shoot...Blade....Fist. A Fireshootbladefist!

    I guess they are trying to get 9 years olds to buy this shit, after all....

    My suggestion? How about using some names for demons or devils from ancient languages? The Ancient Sumerians knew demons as "Sheddu", the Jews called them "Sheddim"....just a quick google search and I found some neat words. A Hell-Brute? sounds like a final boss in Mortal Kombat.