Sunday, September 30, 2012

Army update: Dark Vengeance tactical squad WIP

With Mechani-kon 4 coming up fast, I've got a bunch of painting to do, especially my new tactical sqaud, heavy bolter Devastators and my HQ choice, Harath Shen <nerd noise>.

This is what's on the assembly line today. I'm not bringing the plasma cannon, but he's getting painted with the rest

I've erased all the Dark Angel iconography from all the models. 1 hour of slicing and filing later... Good thing my "Don't give a fuck" threshold his high! Those shoulders are good enough for me. Fuck you Golden Demon award!

This is the first time I have ever painted models before assembling them completely. With the exception of the Sergeant, missile launcher guy (Who is from ABR and has been assembled for a year) and one marine, none have bolters attached yet. I am also waiting for a flamer to come into the mail to replace the plasma gunner guy. Not too sure how I am going to be able to convert that. I'll make it work!

My "tip of the hat" to Dark Vengeance. Red bolters! I haven't decided yet if I am going to paint the "Troops" arrows on the right shoulders white, or leave them green.
My converted DV Sarge! Power fist from who knows where, Combi-melta from the commander box set and a random head from my bits box. I kind of have a crush on this guy.
My kit bashed IA Harath Shen, Salamanders Master Apothecary. I know he sucks. Fuck you. That is a narthecium, not a power fist with  a terminator cod piece and chunk of chain sword stuck to it!

Salamander back pack courtesy of the old Chaplain Xavier model.


  1. How can you use Harath Shen when he hasnt been FAQ'd to 6th edition yet?

  2. I believe they only FAQ'd units/characters that needed to be updated.