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SG2 Laser Cutting - Local Laser Cut Bases and Terrain

Hi Everyone,

Byron here, most of you know me, but just in case you are wondering who is hijacking the blog today, I am a long time 40k and other miniatures game player.  Over time I have gotten tired of paying high shipping prices for mdf and plywood gaming supplies, such as wooden bases for historical games, buildings, movement trays, and even acrylic tokens and templates.  So I recently purchased a laser cutter of my own to produce my own bases, buildings and more.  I also had the idea to produce common items for local players at lower cost than we could order them for, and without shipping, handling, and duty.

Anyway, with Greg and JP's permission, I am posting a quick preview of some of my new items (with more to come) and some prices for comment or order.  Also listed last is an example of an item I will be donating as a prize for the upcoming 40kegger tournament.


You can always use walls in a game to provide some hard cover.  These are made up to be European style so that they can be used for historical or sci-fi games.  They are 24mm high.  Don’t forget though that since the base of the wall is counted in that and 3mm high (like most figure bases) the walls themselves are about 21mm high compared to a figure.  Figures are shown to show real life size.

The short walls are 75mm (about 3” long) and the long walls are 150mm (about 6” long).  The bricks are recessed about 1/2 a mm to make picking them out when painting easy, or you could just leave as is.

Individual walls with be $3 per short section or $6 per long section OR packages will be sold as 10 short walls or 5 long walls for $24. 

I am working on a third set with gates and end posts as well, but that will come later.

There are 16 different short wall patterns and 8 different long wall patterns, and each wall is made up by putting 2 designs back to back, to there are LOTS of variations.

Shipping Containers - Large Crates

I always liked the idea of fighting in a shipping yard with tons of crates and boxes piled all over.  However, due to the cost of getting enough I had to resort to card stock ones in the past.  Normally Shipping containers in the right scale run between $12us and $20us each.  So with the idea of keeping cutting time and costs down, these are what I came up with for shipping containers.  They assemble easily and are solid as hell!  Way more sturdy and heavy then even I thought they would be.

Figures added to one of the pictures to show scale, but they are 5 1/8” long x 2 1/2” wide x 2 1/8” tall.

Came up that I need $8 each but if you are ordering more, I can do 6 for $45 for a little savings.  Which is way less than the others out there by quite a bit.  I know they are a little plainer than some, but they are solid and stack nice.  Also the top, side and end walls are reversible so you can put the pattern facing in if you wanted a flat surface to paint your own logos.

Tokens and Templates

The first job I was requested to do with the laser was some custom tokens for a friend that is going to a tournament for a game called Ronin that simulates samurai combat.  These tokens are 20mm round, cut from plywood.  As long as you supply the graphic layed out in a vector format I can cut custom tokens in any size or shape.  These were 20mm rounds in plywood for $5 for 10 (formatted graphic provides), the same in acrylic would be $8 for 10.

Also shown here are some samples in acrylic of a range marker for the X-Wing miniatures game and some sample tokens for 40k vehicle hits.


I know that the 40k community does not use a whole lot of wooden bases, but they are really common for most other miniature games.  I will be making and stocking all common sizes of wooden bases in 3mm plywood, or 3mm MDF on order.  I can also create any custom size you want.

Examples of prices are: 100x 25mm round or square = $10, 25x 40mm round = $5, 25x 50mm round = $6

For many other games different shapes are used such as squares, ovals, pills, or hexes, all of which can be done in any size.

Dice Tower

This was just a fun project to see what I could do, but has proven popular with everyone I have showed it to.  Tired of dice all over the table, getting into all the terrain, or rolling into and chipping your miniatures, this is the answer.

It is a dice tower with 4 angled "rollers" in it that you simply drop your dice in the top and they fall into the tray below suitably randomized.  Better yet, unlike most dice towers out there, this one is two pieces and folds up for easy transport.

I am selling them for $25 cut plain from 3mm plywood or $35 with any custom logo you want on it.  The logo shown in the sample here is for my Thursday night gaming group that I have played with for over 10 years. If there are groups of players that want the same logo, I can do them at $30 each with logo as long as there are 5 or more ordered.
PRIZE SUPPORT / SPONSORSHIP: This is the item that I will be donating to 40kegger as prize support for the event, and it will be custom engraved with the 40kegger logo.

Orders / Comments

If anyone is interested in any of the above items, or having any custom work done, please feel free to contact me at:  I will be setting up a website soon as well, and will share that when complete.

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