Monday, January 27, 2014

Scott im Choas! Vs the da da da na!



The Da da da na!

 Now for a bit of back ground, what the hell is a Da da da na?  Well I told Scott when he was coming over I gunna show him my Da da da na!  After which quite honestly im surprised he showed up at all.

  So as we set up I reveal my Da da da na!

Scott immediately threw the rule book at me.  The big one, with lots of pages in it.  I was excited, Scott not so much, as he asked for the rule sheet.

  So after this small tussel we desided to deploy our shit.  We both chose the beat your face in objective.  Because well, thats how we roll!

Scott measuring.  Like he knows what those numbers mean!

  After that Scott shoots, kills one killa kan.    That is all.  Then he charges forth, so confident!  I point to these guys on bikes, whats so good about them?  Scott responds they gotz melta gunz!  Huh I say.  So my killa kans start shoot their grotzooka's.  Scott never seen grotzooka's in action before.  Neither im guessing did his melta bikers.

  The result was ugly.

Melta bikers go down!
After that I pretty much wipe out half of the cultist squad too.  Who says Ork shooting isnt good?

  Scott then has this bat thing, with a massive ass club on it.  Tells me its dam near indestructable.  He has spent all these resource points on it.  Buffed it beyond measure!  It was rumored that J.P. is having to spend countless hours in his basement with his graph's and solar charts just to try to nerf this thing!  

    However the demon prince never met a da da na da before!  The following melee was umm awesome.
Well thats that.

Killa kans cheer the mega dread on!

But wait there more!  If you act now, we will throw in a ANOTHER demon Prince for free!  Thats right for the low low price of dual 6's you too can get another Primordal annihilator for free!  

  Scott rolls the double six's.  I at the moment have no idea what is going on.  For future reference if your 40k opponent starts dancing like this.........its usually bad news for you.

Scott does this after rolling double sixes

So now this guy spawns or some crazy shit into a demon prince.  I dunno, Scott shows me the rule book, but Scott fails to realize thats is after 7pm, after 7pm I am not reading anything.  I only drink.  So I say no thank you, and drink more.  

  The demon prince attacks the da da na da!

That worked out pretty much like last time

The demon prince goes down in a crumpled heap again.  Killed that dam thing twice!

  Now on the West side of the table there is this pimped out Rhino!  Full of really mad choas dudes!

battle wagon with deff rolla 

 The battle wagon slams into the rhino full of mad dudes and trashes it.  Mad dudes spill out and get gunned down by some happy shoota boys!

 And that pretty much ended the game.  There was a couple cultists and a 2 oblits hiding behind some ruins for almost 2 turns while I shot at them.

Great game!  Orks win!

  Oh yeah  then I had to pull Scott out of the snow bank in my front yard.

Yup u stuck!
Scott gets a little revenge because after I crawled into the snow to pull out the car i looked like this!

Great game!  Had a ton of fun.  Scott is a great guy, just another super awesome fun game of 40k thanks to the beer league!  


  1. Im really a big fan of the pink princess terrain ;)

  2. My house is currently under occupation of 5 and 7 year old demons. Help!

  3. Wait... a megadredd can punk 2 Daemon Princes!?!?!? Shit just got real.