Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Battle Report: Jordan VS Greg

“No, you will not throw my creation into the jaws of war, the Beast isn’t yet fully functional!  It could fault during the battle and all my work would be ruined.”

            The raised voice drew the ire of a blood-armoured titan wielding a mighty axe and he stepped forward to exact penance from the offender.  “How dare you speak to Lord Veritas in such an insolent tone you heap of gears and wire.”  His voice hissed and spat the words like curses.  The brute raised his arm to strike a mighty blow when a voice stopped his actions

            “Hold mighty Proelium.”  The words that halted the great warrior were filled with such conviction and power that for one to not obey the words seemed impossible.  “Coarguo is a powerful ally, and our guest, we do not wish to offend him, just as he does not want to offend me.  Remember Coarguo, that beast would not exist without my aid.  It was I that prepared the ceremony, it was I that supplied the offerings, IT WAS I WHO SACRAFICED MY MEN TO ACCOMPLISH THE GOAL!”

            “My Lord I…”

            “ENOUGH!  This is the key to the war, the turning point.  All of the Imperial forces are arrayed against us and we must stand firm.  For if they break our defenses it will be the end of us.  My forces have made the push to secure the warp rift and enable you to bring your creation to life, and in doing so it’s strength has dwindled.  I need you and your creations now more than ever.  If we can hold them, if we can gain a solid foothold here, this will only be the start of the monstrosities you will create.  Will you lend me your strength to keep the corpse worshippers at bay?”

            “No Veritas, I will not lend them to you.  My beast, and I, are yours.”

The beast in question is…my brand new Forge/Maulerfiend.  Actually, it`s so brand new that it didn`t even have a head yet, and Greg still let me use it.  What a guy!

This game starts off with some fluffy beer.  That’s right, I`m such a huge god damn dorky nerd that I brought beer themed on the storyline and armies.  They are…

Trois Pistoles and Blanche de Chambly are 2 beers from a brewery in Quebec.  Now this may seem familiar, that is because I had a beer in my very first game this season, against Dave, from the same brewery called La Fin du Monde.  This brewery puts a little story on the back of the bottle of each of the beers and I could not resist buying these ones.  The story of trios pistoles is about a small town that make a pact with the devil in order to build a church that has fallen behind schedule and the story behind Blanche de Chambly is about a nobleman named Chambly who had a big white castle.  Lo and behold, the day I got my wonderful new toy I had the idea that in placing the beacons around the rift in my previous game vs Lance, Veritas was able to make a pact and create the Forgefiend just in time to face The Followers of the Imperial Lie.  Then Greg tells me he has a bastion in his list and it almost seems like fate made me buy those beers instead of my nerdiness.  Plus the bottles were huge.

Anyway, onto the game and lets start with some army lists.  I had Veritas and the rest of my core along with the Forgefiend and his handler, the warpsmith Coarguo.  He also brought with him a pair of Obliterators.  As the pact was made and the Forgefiend created, the gods saw some unworthy followers and so I also had 2 spawn.

Greg had his core, with his MOTF and servitors hidden away atop the bastion manning the lascannon.  He also had a second 10 man squad all melta`d up and an attack bike with multi-melta.  The cherry on top was a new toy of his own, a Stormraven.  Greg also took this time to roll on the fancy chart of make me a better general table and got the ability to ignore cover.  Fuck.  Now his fucking lascannon is shooting at BS 5 AND ignores cover.

Deployment looks like this

And the first turn consists of his rhino moving up, and he kills a cultist with his lascannon of ``I don`t care if your in a ruin``, that is all.

Turn 2 is more exciting.  I get EVERYTHING from reserves.  I bring my spawn and the oblits in on my right hand side to support the cultists and then run the spawn right up the wall of the ruins.  My new fandangled toy comes in on my left and the Warpsmith follows right close.

He can`t see me with his lascannon of death

I shoot and destroy his Razorback, and the guys pile out unscathed.

During his turn he gets his new toy in and his attack bike, which comes in on my left right behind the Forgefiend and manages to blow off a weapon.

He then moves up his marines that got out of the razor...back...wait...a...minute.  1, 2, 3...10!?!? 

I`ll tell you the gods honest truth, I did not notice this until I was writing this battle report.  A ROZORBACK ONLY HOLDS 6 MODELS GREG!  LOL!!  Anyway, these guys open up on the spawn and knock off a couple wounds.  I don`t remember exactly what the Stormraven does, and I`ll say that again over the next couple of turns.

Turn 3, my Warpsmith turns around and lays the smack down on that jabroni attack bike after fixing the broken weapon on the Forgefiend

My chosen move up and get out of their ride, and the spawn assault the 10 man marine squad that just bailed out of their trashed clown car after the oblits light them up with some assault cannon fire.  They survive, but so does one of my spawn, so that eliminates a turn of shooting from that squad.
My Forgefiend opens up on the Stormraven and accomplishes nothing.

His turn 3 sees his other tac squad come in on my right side right at my table edge and shoot at the oblits but they survive.  And his clown car squad kill the last spawn.  Again the Stormraven does nothing, at least they look cool.

Greg's Stormraven not exactly as shown.

Turn 4 my oblits turn around and unleash plasma cannon death on the tac squad in my backfield and kill 7 of them, and I think my cultists kill another one.
My chosen assault and wipe out his tac squad that were part of his core  Now it was about this time that I check the victory conditions and conditions for Faction Points and misunderstood the Faction Points.  I thought I had to kill his Core, but in fact I had to keep my Core in my deployment zone and keep his out.
This turn also see`s my Forgefiend accomplish as much as the Stormraven did.

His turn 4 is pretty limited, he shoots and assaults my oblits with his last couple marines and they get smoked, his HQ blasts away at my chosen and kills 1 or 2.  Finally, his Stormraven flies off the table.  He also calls his turning point and attempts to land all of the tokens on top of the bastion.

On, what turns out to be, the final turn of the game I move my chosen up, along with their rhino to get in bolter range of his HQ unit on top of the bastion and everything unloads into them killing everything except Argos.

As a last ditch effort to at least deny me some Resource points his stormraven comes back on the table and tries to take out Veritas.  He fails, but does manage to kill a marine.

So, the game ends with my cultists still sitting in my deployment zone winning me the game and earning me 3 whole Faction Points.  Greg`s Master of the Forge, Argos, is hiding in his fort and his stormraven is flying around aimlessly.


After the battle Greg supplied me with large amounts of meat, and by that I mean he cooked a roast.  What an awesome host.  All in all it was a rockin good time

Thanks Greg

Thanks for reading this battle report and happy gaming everyone!


  1. I totally didnt mean to cheat!!! Total brain fart!
    So sorry!!!!

  2. Cheating and still losing. For shame!

  3. i'll admit that I cheat at 40k. extra models is pretty bold, I like to fudge ranges and movement. I'm pretty good at it too. Its like drugs in baseball, almost everyone does it, you might as well too.

  4. No harm done Greg. Hell, if I was really concerned with the actual outcome of the game instead of having a good time drinking a couple beers I might have noticed.

    Sure I'm happy that I won, but only because that means that you lose. lolz

  5. I didnt have extra models Anonymous... I just forgot the whole squad coudnt fit in the razorback. Forgot to combat squad them.