Thursday, December 1, 2011

Apocalypse... and foul language.

Greg put together a great video that I think captured some pretty good moments in the game. Hopefully everyone decided to watch the video and not go to the Disney site. Wow, what a day... Something like 15 hours of nerding and drinking beer with some great dudes. How could it get any better than that?

I also took a few pictures so that people can see some of the wicked models that showed up for the game. The video caught some great footage of the atmosphere, but I wanted to give some good quality snaps of the armies.

I highly recommend that everybody makes time for an Apocalypse game at least once a year. There is something about playing in that type of game that really changes the perspective of 40k units. For example, I lost a full unit of Berzerkers with a Khorne Lord in Terminator armour to a single blast from a Baneblade. Now, in a normal game, I would probably cry like a 3 year old after losing 400 points of models to one shot from a tank. But in Apocalypse, you can laugh at something like that because you still have 9,600 points of shit on the board. It is just so much fun to play on a wider scope and watch the pendulum swing back and forth on different sides of the board.

My only suggestion to people is that you really have to try to stay focussed. It is too easy to get stuck looking at sweet minis and hanging out with your friends. You need to force yourself to pick up the dice and keep things going, or else you will have your wife yelling at you on the phone and wondering why you've been playing with your toys for 15 hours and why your toys are more important than her.

Totally unrelated to Apocalypse, I wanted to shed some thoughts on foul language and obscene behaviour. There are many different kinds of people out there that play 40k, and we don't expect all 40k players to fit a single demographic. We just want people to understand the context of the hobby in our lives. For Greg, myself, and all of our friends, 40k is something that makes us want to 'play'. Playing is something that we have all done since we were kids, and something that has always been done more effectively without supervision. As kids, 'playing' was time away from the constant review of parents and teachers. It was that time to be free of rules and restrictions. Now, as adults, it feels no different to us. 40k is time away from work, wives, kids, and all those situations in life where you have to act appropriately. 40k is 'play' time. Fuck, we are adults playing with little toy soldiers, if it wasn't play time it would just be creepy time.

So, the point is that 40k is our time without all the filters on. It is us being who we are, wearing our personalities on our sleeves. The 40kegger is no different. We know that we have developed a community of adults that need play time just as much as we do. Some guys drink and swear on a golf course for their play time, we do it on the battlefield!


And here are some sweet pictures from Apocalypse








  1. Demon Prince looks mint!!

  2. that is a ton of good looking models and tanks! this is about the only reason i miss winnipeg.