Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dark Star Feature: Chris Brown

The boys are heading out this Friday, so we had to sneak in one more Dark Star Feature. Chris Brown will be heading back to his homeland to take his Grey Knights into battle. Being the oldest in the car full of nerds, he will be tasked with making sure the other boys behave themselves (hahaha, ya right!). Take it away Chris:

My name is Christopher Brown and I started playing 40K (the only GW system I really play) in October 2007, after other members of my family started playing before me. I started by playing Tyranids (still have a fondness for them) as I loved the idea of bugs as my army; oh and I wouldn't have to paint faces. I have a spreadsheet of my games and I have logged over 333 games so far. No, I won't put my wins/losses here as I play several armies and that would be too nerdy to divulge. Suffice it to say I am nerdy enough to keep track. My second army was Dark Eldar when I was given a 2000+ point army by my wife's ex-husband. Nice, I know. I loved the army, the rules were ok (needing updating), and only some of the models were cool. Still have fun playing them and the newest codex is pretty awesome. I then moved on and bought a Chaos Space Marines army (which I recently gave to my lovely wife as she plays them still). Their newest codex was a disappointment, but I never played them on the old one. I also play Eldar, fun army to play, but very technical and unforgiving. I still enjoy them, but haven`t really expanded that army. Then as I was contemplating a Space Marines army, (like Salamanders or Kayvaan Shrike or Space Wolves), along came this new Grey Knights codex with awesome models and really awesome rules. I am just beginning a Necrons army. Don`t ask me why.

My Dark Star list comprises the following:

Lord Kaldor Draigo - because he kicks almost everyone`s ass
Librarian - support choice and I had the points
5 Paladins - troops choice with halberds, swords, a hammer, and a psycannon
6 Paladins - more of the same
10 Purifiers - please come closer horde armies, I have something for you
Dreadnight - with Personal Teleporter and Heavy Incinerator, enough said
Landraider Crusader - to keep the infantry units up close and personal

and at 1850 points that`s it, 25 models yeah!! win or lose I will have a great time - thanks




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