Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Apocalypse comes to Winnipeg - 14th Dec 2013

The wife's away, so the boys can play... and I'm planning on popping my basement's Apoc cherry.

If you want to join in, post on the Apoc thread in the forums.

When - 14 Dec 13.

Where - My place, near Waverly/Bishop.

What - Apoc game.

Feeding - Bring beer. Food TBA.


  1. This site has seriously been lacking posts and updates lately. The fat guy never even posted his results from the stupid November workout regime. Lame

  2. Ive lost 25 pounds since Nov 1. Too lazy to post. Feel free to contribute some content instead of bitching.

  3. so that would mean you weight around 190lbs now

  4. Not quite. My house scale turned out to be an inaccurate piece of shit. I'm at about 205 now. I .guess I was closer to 230, and not 217. I only use the gym scale now