Monday, June 2, 2014

40KEGGER 6 Results and Beer League Playoffs

40KEGGER 6 was a fun ass weekend for me. Thanks to everyone who showed up. Like, a huge thanks.

I have been procrastinating a big wrap up post, with pictures and telling of tales. But, I know people have been anxiously awaiting some results, so I will get those up and save my thoughts and deepest emotions for another time. The internet is so much work! Son of a bitch...

Though, I will say something before I post the results. Please keep in mind that these results, and the "tournament" that transpired, are both the result of a casual attempt to bring structure to a couple days of nerding with a bunch of wicked dudes. Not to mention raising a shit ton of cash for Manitoba Mutts in order to help rescue dogs find loving homes.

*high five*

But under all that, yes, we recognized four guys with awards to congratulate their sagas from the weekend.

Congrats to Fabio Fiorentino for winning Champion: the winner of the Single Player event on Saturday. As you can see in the results, Sean Habing gets to share the title as well. However, with only one physical award, we had to have a peek at the Miniatures Scoring to determine a clear (but, barely) winner. Table sorted by Single Player Score:

Click for larger

Congrats to the team of Jordan Nykolaishen and Donny Neely for winning Battle Brothers: the winner of the Cooperative Play event on Sunday. Table sorted by Cooperative Play Score:

Click for larger

Finally, congrats to Christian Augst for winning the title of Warmaster: the best overall combined score. Now, we had to use some common sense here and not screw Jordan out of a Battle Brothers title when his team clearly earned it. So, we skipped Donny's true highest overall score because we knew that's what Donny would want to do for his team.

We also want to congratulate Wes Orsulak for winning the newly created award of Shittiest Player. Now, before you grab a tissue for Wes in fear that we made him cry in public, you must note that it is a much honored award by 40kegger. You see, Greg and I have a tendency to lose a lot of fucking games of Warhmmer 40,000. So, we tip our hats to you, Wes, and say "welcome to the club, my friend". We scoured through the bottom of the Total Event Score, excluded dudes who didn't play all five games, and that is where we found Wes. Well, Mike Anderson gets the true score we were looking for, but Mike is already an Eldar player. This was a problem because the Shittiest Player was awarded an Eldar Codex along with a framed picture of at about 6 Wave Serpents, captioned "How to win at 40k". The idea of the award is credited to Sean. He is an Eldar player...

Table sorted by Event Total Score:

Click for larger

As for the Beer League... Well, it's not over yet. We are smack in the middle of playoffs.

GAME 2 has come to a conclusion. It looks like Thurston Hillman and the Astral Claws have taken out our regular season powerhouse, Wes Szmaglik and  his Craftworld Alaitoc Eldar. Thurston will be advancing to the Semi Finals. We are still waiting for the results of the other games in the Quarter Finals. Stay Tuned...

Thanks to all the players in the League. It looks like Jordan Nykolaishen - our club's official Social Media Administrator, by the way - has offered to run the League next season. I think this is great and really healthy for the League. I always envisioned this to be a community driven idea, with different people taking turns throwing some creativity and inspiration into it. Hopefully this will run for years to come, and under the wings of many different 40kegger dudes. But in the mean time, please give Jordan your ideas and input. The likes and dis-likes from this past season are super important in bringing something together for next year.

I will announce the Semi Finals when they are all set to go. Those two games and the Final Battle will be played on the same day, at a location that has room for nerds and beer...

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