Thursday, June 5, 2014

Misfits of 40K: Episode 10

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to episode 10 of Misfits of 40K.  This episode I’m going to be talking about a flier.  Now before you get all upset saying “There is no such thing as a bad flier!”, there is…

Man it looks pretty cool eh?  This seems to be a long standing theme with Games Workshop models.  The ones that look the coolest aren’t really all that good, while the ones that look kinda shitty are awesome.
So lets dive into what this thing can do.  It starts off with a twinlinked heavy bolter, a twinlinked lascannon, and 6 S6 AP4 missiles.  This is bad news right off the hop because it seriously compromises is effectiveness giving it a bunch of weapons with such variances in strength.  Is it supposed to kill infantry, vehicles, monstrous creatures?  Who knows?

Fortunately you can upgrade (or downgrade?) that twin linked lascannon to an

...for free.  The wickedly awesome sounding weapon is a S6 AP4 Heavy 5 nose mounted cannon.  Now making this swap actually gives this thing a purpose, light vehicle, Flying Monstrous Creature, and infantry slayer, and it’s pretty good at it being able to unload 8 S5-6 AP4 shots, and now it can unload all of it's missiles at once for a grand total of 14 shots.
Against ground vehicles with AV 11 it’s dealing 3 hull points (thanks to Strafing Run) with a chance of a penetrating hit.  However, there is a bit of a downside, the Nephilim has a fancy rule called “Unrelenting Hunter” which allows him the option to treat any weapon destroyed result he causes as an Immobilized result instead.  Except the odds of scoring a penetrating hit decreases with the swap to the AVENGER MEGA BOLTER.

Against AV 12, you drastically loose effectiveness and drop to 1.5 hull points.  So if you know that your opponent will have lots of AV 12, keep the lascannon, you will actually not remove hull points as fast, but you have a chance to penetrate the armour.
This little bad boy also excels at shooting down flying monstrous creatures.  With 7 S6 shots you’ll be scoring 3-4 wounds against T6, and with greater mobility, you should be able to avoid their vector strikes without too much of a problem.

The Nephilim itself is only AV11, so it’s pretty fragile, but sturdy enough to ignore bolter equivalent fire, and it has 3 hull points which is huge considering it’s similar sized cousin the Stormtalon.  Considering firepower and survivability I’d place it somewhere in between the Stormtalon and Stormraven which explains it’s 180 point cost.  This also explains why no one ever takes this thing, 180 points to "spam" S6 shots is not good.

This thing is pretty straight forward so this is going to be a short episode.  If you guys have any idea for future episodes leave them in the comments section or send me a PM on the forums.

Happy Gaming!



  1. A big thing to point out in this edition....

    The AP2 of the lascannon enables a chance to actually blow up a vehicle. It's impossible to do that with the other weapons mounted on the fighter. (only glance them to death).

  2. Absolutely correct. However a single lascannon isn't anything to be too worried about, especially on a AV11 vehicle. I really see this thing excelling at shooting flying monstrous creatures.

  3. Agreed. We'll need anti FMC stuff more so in this edition then last. The once a turn grounding test is a huge change. Sure they got nerfed...but they are also way more survivable now!