Monday, April 21, 2014


The points and teams have been decided for the 40kegger Winnipeg beer league wind up! Thanks all who responded and are able to attend the event!

After 8 months of the Angles of Death attempting to reclaim the Octarius Sector back from the Orks and Tyranids (while at the same time dealing with the Chaos filth and ballerina tactics of the foppish Eldar) the Space Marines have decided to say "FUCK EM ALL! EXTERMINATUS!!!"

The teams will be

Greg (Salamanders)
Charles (Blood Angels)
Garth (Dark Angels)
Christian (Mentors)
Thursty (Astral Claws)


Fabio (Eldar)
Sean (Alaitoc)
Wes (Alaitoc)
Jordan (Alpha Legion & Night Lords)
Scotty (World Eaters & Night Lords)
Mario (Hive fleet Nocturnus)
Neil (Hive fleet Bartharax)

14, 000 points per side.

Again, thanks to everyone who responded that they can make it. To those that didn't, maybe next year! Cheers, see y'all next weekend!


  1. Space Marine chapters cannot decree Exterminatus. Only the Holy Inquisition can do that.

  2. Do you really think with this large a conflict no inquisitors are present?