Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dark Star Feature: Charles Janke

We are gonna start off our Dark Star features with Charles Janke and his Blood Angels army. Take it away Charles:

My name is Charles Janke, I started playing 40k back in 2003 with Necrons but switched to Blood Angels in 2004 when a friend stopped playing and sold me his.  While I still enjoy playing my Necrons and also play Grey Knights and Crimson Fists I feel the Blood Angels are still my primary army.  I like playing them because they seem to always have some rules that set them very much apart from the other Marine forces, from the old days of assaulting out of Rhino's to being the only ones with deep striking Land Raiders.


Librarian - Term Armour, Storm Sheild, Unleash Rage, Fear of the Darkness
Assault Sqd (5 man) - Meltagun, Sgt Power Sword, Sgt Infernus Pistol
Assault Sqd (10 man) - Meltagun x2, Sgt Power Sword, Sgt Infernus Pistol
Assault Sqd (10 man) - Meltagun x2, Sgt Power Sword, Sgt Infernus Pistol
Terminator Assault Sqd - x3 Lightning Claws, x2 Thunder Hammers
-->Land Raider Crusader with Multi-Melta as dedicated transport
Furioso Dreadnought - Blood Fists
Sanguinary Priest x3
-->Jump pack+Power Sword+Melta Bombs
-->Jump pack+Power Sword+Melta Bombs
-->Terminator Armour+Power Sword
Storm Raven Gunship - Twin Linked Lasscannons, Twin Linked Multi-melta, Locator Beacon

I love the concept of an assaulting Space Marine army especially one that specializes in it. No matter which version of the codex they've had I've always played them this way, even if there are some more efficient builds for them because if your not going to play an army based on it's back story then why spend all that time collecting and painting them.  While I don't have Mephiston in the list I do take a librarian as I feel the Blood Angels should have some of the best Librarians out there given who their chief is.

The army concept if fairly simple, deep strike in, hit with melta weapons then assault.
The Storm Raven acts mostly as a bullet magnet because opponents can't afford to ignore it which give time for the rest of the army to arrive and help out.
(I also scratch built this before any photos of GW's were leaked so I like to think of it as a battle field build by a crazy tech priest)
The priests grant the extra staying power needed for such a small model count.
The Assault squads allow for mobility for with the melta weapons and the priests can take on just about anything I need them too.
The Land Raider is mainly there because I love the image of it being deep struck (I love imagining the look on the enemy troops who must hear a loud crash only to turn and see that thing suddenly right behind them, wish I could use it as a tank shock - that would be awsome!)
Temies and Librarian provide the extra fear factor for small squads and troops, also a way to deal with monsterous creatures.
The Furioso Dreadnought is just plain cool and always has been so had to go in!


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