Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dark Star and More 40KEGGER 3 Pictures

There is a rather large tournament in Minnesota called Dark Star coming up on February 11 & 12. Although it is now sold out, a few guys from Winnipeg can be found amongst the list of Participants. And if you look at the Group/Club column, you will see that the people from Winnipeg are all gonna be waving the 40kegger flag with pride.

So, who are these 4 guys going and what is their plan for dominating and bringing home some awards? Well, let's find out. Over the next few weeks, we will do a little feature on each of the 4 guys going down with some pictures of their armies.
Good luck boys, and show those Americans how we drink beer up in the north!

Some more pictures from 40KEGGER 3:






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