Monday, January 16, 2012

Results and Pictures from 40KEGGER 3

What a day!

Most people showed up with barely 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Some of them had been up painting frantically, and some of them showed up half in the bag and slept in the parking lot because they had a social the night before. Either way, tired as we were, we all held in to the end because a day like this doesn't happen very often.

At the end of the day, there was one player that found a way to battle through all the fatigue and stand victorious. Dave Violago. No stranger to the 40k community and the tournament scene, Dave reminded us all what years of dedication to the game and hobby can accomplish on the battlefield. And a very honorable mention to Dave's final opponent and 40KEGGER 3 finalist, Jeremy Lennon-Gibson. Jeremy had taken a bit of a break from the hobby in his late teens, but he sure came back with an eagerness to battle hard. I guess that's what happens when you grow up in a 40k family. Seriously, how many people out there have a mother with a gruesome Death Guard army? Just awesome... I love you guys.

We did a bit of a B side final as well, just to keep the afternoon interesting. We took the 2nd place players from each group and threw them into a semi-final that mirrored the main semi-final. Those rounds turned out to be rather action packed as well, ending in an epic final between Mike Major and Christian Augst. The "battle of the Astronomi-con" saw Imperial Guard tanks blast away at one another in a game that ended with a margin of victory of only 50 Victory Points. It doesn't get any closer than that...

Thanks so much to Alex and Kat for serving beer to a bunch of nerds all day. You guys are the best! Hopefully nobody tried to offer you candy and invite you into a cable van... lol.

We hope that everyone can provide feedback in some way. There were slight "wording" errors in some of the missions that needed clarification, and we hope to rectify those before our next event. General opinions of the missions are also greatly appreciated so we can continue to offer missions that keep the games fair, fun, and action-packed.

There will be more picture at a later date (because we took tons), but here is the first wave:









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