Monday, March 12, 2012

INGA: two weeks until launch

No battle reports, painting blogs, or game reviews today. That stuff will come back eventually, but right now life has been filled with other things. Most of my closest friends have been informed of my upcoming move, and the move is pretty much turning into the official spring 2012 event for my family and I. And, it's not just a little move, we are swtiching postal codes... Yup, I am moving to...

Gimli, Manitoba

If your town has a giant viking statue, there is a good chance you might be Icelandic

Population of about 6,000 year round, and a population of about 10,000+ in the summer. I'm excited to be moving into an area that still has people around. After living in the city my whole life, I don't think I could handle a small town with nothing but a Co-op gas station and a shitty hotel full of drunk farmers. No, Gimli is well established. They got a Sobeys, a Rona, a Liquor Mart that isn't attached to an insurance company, and plans for a Tim Hortons! However, there is no nerd store, and I am skeptical about the amount of nerds that may live there. But, there has got to be at least a handful of nerds underneath all the 55+ retired couples and crazy lookin' fishermen.

As if this guy doesn't have all the seasons of Babylon 5 on Blu Ray?

But wait!!! When I googled "Gimli Manitoba", there was something that popped up that made a big LOL happen. Apparently, Icelandic people love to renact viking battles during the annual Icelandic Festival. So, there you have it folks, Gimli has a massive LARP event every year. I shit you not, this picture shows up on the first page of the search....

LARP: Live Action Rape and Pillage

So, is it worth going on a quest to search out hidden nerds in Manitoba's Interlake? I think so. And I know of a few already. There are Chris, Suzanne, and Jeremy in Selkirk, and there is Christian in St. Andrews. That's right, there are already 5 of us, and there will be more. We will continue to grow until new game nights emerge and new friendships are made. We shall become INGA: the Interlake Nerd Games Alliance. Oh yes, there will still be games in my life... I can't imagine life without them. However, spring 2012 will be consumed by painting other things. The brushes will have to move from painting Aspect Warriors to painting bedrooms, cabinets, and fences. Hence, the one event I have been looking forward to for 365 days will have to be fought without me this year. Yup, no Astronomi-con for me this year. With the move happening the week of spring break, I just couldn't do that to my wife and kids. So, I expect some great batreps and pictures from all of you. Make sure I can live the magic through your masterful tales of death and glory on the battlefield.

If you find yourself wandering up to Gimli like thousands of other people do every summer, make sure you bring a fishing rod, tackle box, and your army case. There is lots of fun in the sun out there, and a table at my house is always waiting for a game.

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