Saturday, March 3, 2012

Malifaux - The greatest game that nobody plays

Earlier on this summer I found myself browsing through the Wayland Games website looking at all the different games out there. I saw category called "WYRD MINIATURES" and scoffed. "What a stupid nerdy name.. OOOOOH, so elite to spell it with a Y. That's dumb." I must be dumb too, because I clicked on the link. To my surprise I saw the coolest models I have seen in a long time. The Legion of Sorrows box set is what initially caught my eye. The Sorrow models in particular.

Next I saw the price. $31 for a starter box of 6 awesome minis? NO WAY! Then I did a bit of research. For a starter box of minis, the small rule book (which you can also download for free from their website), a fate deck (Malifaux doesn't use dice, it uses a card system to determine the outcome of actions) and shipping all for less then the price of a box of GW terminators! CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH THAT.
The only downfall is that not many people in town play.
Here are the models I have so far:

My gang

Pandora and her Sorrow


Baby Kade



The Terror Tots

The game of Mailfaux combines the genres of gothic horror, wild west, steam-punk and vicoriana. So if you're looking for a new game and can't decide what to play, try out Malifaux.
For approximately $55 dollars you can have everything you need to play!
If anyone is interested in playing, shoot me an email. I'm trying to develop a pool of players. I also have a sign up sheet at Imagine Games and Hobbies as well. I actually have a game lined up on monday from that sheet. It will be my second game EVER!

Check out the Malifaux website:


  1. Our gaming group has started to look at Malifaux. I'm going to drop by Imagine tomorrow and check out boxed sets.

  2. I am going to pick up the Outcasts. Either Leveticus or Hamelin, they are both cool...

  3. Once there is a few more players in town, I would like to maybe get a small beginner event/tournament going.

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