Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mechanikon prep - Bastion

For those of you who don't know me... it seems my Mechanikon lists are never based on tactics... but more so what new models and toys I've recently built. So, that being said... The first person that says to me "Why are you using a bastion? They're only armour 14 and can be blown up. Aegis defense lines are way better.." is going to get punched in the fucking nerd dick.

I won some Eldar stuff at Duelcon 2 for being the worst player on day one. I was lucky enough to be able to trade it for something I could use. Most of their Space Marine stuff was sold out. I thought a bastion would could come in useful for terrain if I ever ran an event...

So... now I have a bastion, and I want to use it. So fuck you

I had a bit of a downsy moment when building this bad boy.. so there's a few small gaps. I added the gravel and sand to give it the rubble effect. Hopefully it works.

A slightly different angle and a Brittish swear word: Knackers!

Second layer of glue and rubble
But wait... there's more! Only assholes use GW Moonscape craters when a fucking 10 inch building is destroyed!

Measure once, cut twice. It's ruins for fucks sake. The more cuts the more ruined it looks!
Hmmm... it needs something else...

There we go... a perfectly good ruined bastion!
Now my wine is all gone!
Stay tuned for part II

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  1. "So... now I have a bastion, and I want to use it. So fuck you"

    That sums it up so well. Kick some ass with that thing Greg!