Friday, October 18, 2013

Battle Report: Jordan & Sean VS Greg & Thurston

            Armenneus Valthex felt more than heard the movement of the stones.  He knew these ruins with an intimate familiarity after having spent hours bolstering them.  He slid his Indynabula array from it’s place at his side and initiated it’s power field.
            Valthex turned sure to see an enemy although how they got past the Salamanders, who had secured the perimeter, he was unsure.  To his disbelief he saw nothing, until the air moved.  Immediately he began swinging the powered coils in wide sweeping arcs.
            “Show yourself you coward!  Hiding in the mists of the warp to hide your fear?  Face me and meet your doom!”
            “It is your doom I seek Armenneus.” The strong, calm voice was so close to his ear he thought he felt the hot breath that gave the words life.  It sent icy chills down his spine.

            Before Armenneus could turn, a series of blows rained down on his back and head, each one, jarring him viciously but his armour protected him.  He regained his balance and responded with a series of strikes that found nothing but air.
            Again blows slammed into him, but his armour held firm.  “You can not keep this up Armenneus.  I will find a chink in that armour of yours and it will be the end of you.”
            “How do you know my name?” Armenneus asked as he swung the coils of the array.  “And my armour is absolute.”  If he could get his assailant to speak, he would have a better idea where he was.
            The laughter that echoed off the walls of the ruined building was sure and full of contempt.  It pounded in his head and set his teeth on edge.  “It is not the armour that protects your body that I mean Armenneus, and it is FAR from absolute.  As for your name, I have spies everywhere and they feed me information.  There is little I don’t know about you Armenneus”
            That was enough, Armenneus had pinpointed where the voice was coming from and he sprung, full of rage he swung the coils of the array with lightning speed striking his foe across the chest and shoulder, who suddenly became visible, as did the others.
            In deep red armour stood the enemy, armour rent and melted, laughing softly, a traitor marine from and unknown origin as there was no livery other than the symbols of chaos.
            As the others advanced on Armenneus he heard the voice, still strong despite the wounds sustained, “Don’t kill him, Lufgt will need him.”
            “Yes, Your Honour.” Replied many voices in unison.

That there is the flavor text for this month’s battle report which was of Sean R and I teaming up to face off against Greg and Thruston.  A nice little combat happened between my warlord and his and it lent itself to move along some story and fluff and blah blah blah…
Now, onto the report.

On the car ride up, Sean and I talked tactics for a short while and I had decided that I was going to buy the Firestorm Defense upgrade then using my warlord trait, which allows me to infiltrate D3 infantry units, deploy as close to their lines as I can in the centre of the table.  So we deployed our forces in the centre of the table extending off to our left a little, leaving room for me to deploy my infiltrators.
Then Turston deployed his warlord way off in a corner with not that much around him, all vulnerable like and I jumped on the opportunity.  I knew that with Invisibility and a 4+ invul, plus the re-roll that the rest of my squad would give me, my warlord could kill his.  I only had an AP 3 weapon, and he has a 2+ save, but he only had to fail once because I have a force weapon.  So I deployed my warlord, a 10 man marine squad, and my 2 oblits, almost my entire army, far to our right side effectively splitting our force in 2 and making the 5RP I spent next to worthless.

First turn sees my marines rushing out in the rhino with the Chosen and Warlord not far behind but getting out of their ride ready to assault next turn.  Sean moves some things up and lets loose with his Vindicator which kills a couple.  Some other shooting sees some other marines die but there is nothing spectacular.
The other guys respond by dropping in 2 ironclads, 1 right in front of my chosen, the other right in front of Sean’s large mob of cultists which it flamed with it’s 2 twin-linked heavy flamers.  Thank the 4 gods there were only 9 in range otherwise 5 more would have died.

Now because of the sneaky way that Greg deployed his drop pod and dreadnought, Sean cant move his vindicator, so it gets a bad shot

I shoot up the dreadnaught and immobilize it and wreck an arm.  In the assault phase I successfully charge that coward Valthex and this is the result…

He is still standing.  Ok, no worries. He did nothing to me and I got next round to kill him.  In fact, I’d rather kill him in their turn anyway, I won’t get shot this turn.  YAY!

Greg charged his dreadnought into a unit of Sean’s marines, who gun the behemoth down in overwatch.

It's only his thumb you perverts!
The rest of the game is pretty average.  Stuff moves, then it shoots, and stuff dies.  One highlight is when I tank shocked 3 of Thursty’s units, twice.  He passed all his Tank Shock tests, but failed a death or glory with a lascannon.  I was hoping to get one unit at least because I knew I was sacrificing those rhinos.
There is one thing that happens for the rest of the game and doesn’t get resolved until the last turn of the game.

Thurston’s fucking warlord WILL NOT DIE, and he doesn’t even have It Will Not Die!!

Over the course of the game I inflict over 20 wounds and he saves them all, which means that his warlord is holding up over 400 pts of my army.  My warlord finally dies which opens up the rest of the squad to wail on him with a power fist and a power axe and get the job done at the bottom of turn 6, and the game ends.

There were a lot of would of, could of, and should of in this game, for me at least.  The main one being STICK TO THE FUCKING PLAN!!

Any way, I had a great game and had a chance to see why Greg gets Best Sportsman most of the time.

Until next time, happy gaming.


  1. 2+ saves are great unless you put them on your warlord. Then you roll ones like crazy.

  2. awesome job! I cant wait for wes and my game against the eldar, yeah 4th edition codex vs the best codex in the game, need some rabbits out of hats next week!