Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Movember is Back!

 Lets face it nerds, we are not the healthiest group of people.  We spend too much time in our broholes, drink too much beer, and eat too much junk.

For the last 4 years I have been a participant of Movember, an initiative to get men to be more conscious of the health risks that effect them.  The main push behind Movember is to support the fight against prostate cancer, but it also bring to the light that guys in general don’t take very good care of themselves.  We tend not to go to the doctor no matter what the problem is and that is a sure fire way to miss something important.

How do we do this you ask?  Well, breast cancer has a pink ribbon, Movember has a facial ribbon.  Starting on Movember 1st, I will be shaving my upper lip for the last time until Movember 30th.

That’s right, for the entire month of November I will be growing a moustache!  If men’s health is something that is also important to you please help out anyway you can.  You can do this by making a donation at the Movember web site.  I have started a Movember team called “Mohammer”.  Please feel free to join it, or to donate to it.  If you don’t have any money to donate, please spread the word by growing your own moustache and offering your support that way.

If you would prefer to donate to someone else or to start your own team, that’s just as good.  You can go to

Let’s change the face of men’s health!

Hell, you might even look this manly...

But not likely.


  1. I got covered in deer ticks hunting this weekend. I may die of lyme disease. Please raise money in case I do.

    Love Greg

  2. Good Stuff Jordan.

    I will donate in another way, with an super power that I have. As Overlord of the Beer League, I want to join you on your mission to raise awareness for men's health. And since the Beer League is a man's league, we should incorporate for November.

    Moustaches will be added to Slow Grow. Grow a moustache and you will get 1 RP. Same rules as painting a unit (before and after pictures).

    If you already got a moustache, take a picture of it at the end of the month and I will hook you up with 1 RP too.