Friday, August 24, 2012

Beer League

So, after listening and absorbing all the comments about the Winnipeg Warhammer 40,000 Beer League, this is what we've come up with.
  • Each player must submit TWO (2) 1000 point lists at the start of the season. Both lists DO NOT need to be from the same Codex.
  • Players must submit their lists in a digital format to the Commissioner.
  • Each player is issued THREE (3) trade credits at the start of the Regular Season.
  • Players may use a trade credit to make changes to a list. 
  • Changes can be as simple as swapping a plasma gun for a melta gun, or completely redoing an army list. Either way, a single trade credit is used when a change is made.
  • If a player completely rebuilds a list with a trade credit, the player must still use the same Codex that was originally used for that list (or same race/army in the case of a new Codex release).
  • Players must submit their trade credit requests to the Commissioner along with a new army list.
  • No trade credits can be used after MARCH 1, 2013 (one exception).
  • Players should pay attention to rumours about new Codices. If a new Codex comes out for a player's army, the player must use a trade credit to legalize their list with the new Codex.
  • Players may use a trade credit AFTER March 1, 2013 only in the event that a new Codex is released after March 1, 2013.
  • If a new Codex is released and a player has used all their trade credits, the player will be penalized 5 points and will be forced to legalize his/her list using these guidelines:
    • A player with an "illegal" list that is under 1000 points will keep that same list. Upgrades/weapons/powers that no longer exist will be removed.
    • A Player with an "illegal" list over 1000 points will legalize by removing models from "Troops" units until 1000 points or less is reached.
    • A player who cannot remove any more "Troops" models from units will then begin to remove upgrades/special weapons/abilities etc to legalize the list to 1000 points. These can be taken from anywhere in the list.
  • All Regular Season games are played from the Warhammer 40,000 6th edition rulebook unless otherwise stated.
  • Players will be awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss during the Regular Season.
  • All game results must be reported to the Commissioner.
  • Players must keep track of their Victory Points for all their games and report the SPREAD between the two values. This is to determine potential tie breakers at the end of the season.
    • Example: Greg beats JP 9 VP to 3 VP. Greg is awarded 2 points for the win and Greg gets +6 in his VP Spread column. At the end of the Regular Season, Greg is tied with Dave V for the last playoff spot with 8 points, but Greg has a 27 VP Spread and Dave V only has a 19 VP Spread, Greg would advance to the playoffs.
  • Regular Season games will be held once a month (8 games in total) and it will be up to the scheduled players to arrange the game times during each month. Players are encouraged to use the new 40kegger Forum for scheduling games.
  • Prior to each game, it is mandatory that players pick one of their two lists and secretly inform the Commissioner of their choice. They DO NOT have to notify their opponent of their list choice prior to the game. They are allowed to reveal which of their two lists they chose to play when they arrive to the battlefield, but they have to use the list that was noted to the Commissioner. If a player does not inform the Commissioner before a game, the player will be penalized.
  • All players signed up for the league will be given posting rights to Players are encouraged to post battle reports of their games on the site, or use the new 40kegger Forum.
  • For each game, 1 player is to host the game and supply a table and terrain (unless other arrangements are made). The visiting player is responsible for supplying at least 1 beer for each player. We encourage players to use the Beer League for some beer tasting; non-domestic or interesting new beers are ideal. Players are then encouraged to incorporate a beer review with their battle reports.
  • Regular Season games that do not get played within the scheduled month will result in each player receiving a score of 0 for that game. In cases where one player made every possible attempt to have a game, and the other player just didn't make the time, a player can make an appeal to the Commissioner.
  • Beer League games should ideally not be held at any local gaming stores (LGS). This is to maintain the hopes that all games will be accompanied by beer tasting.
  • A player may offer his/her house to host his/her games and/or to allow others to host games. In these situations, the host/visitor can be decided amongst the players.
  • Players will pay a $5.00 fee to play in the Winnipeg Warhammer 40,000 Beer League. All funds will go towards the championship trophy.
  • The Beer League is a Winnipeg based league. Players are not required to travel outside of Winnipeg to have their games. Players wishing to travel outside of Winnipeg are more than welcome to, but the onus is on the non-residents to travel into Winnipeg.
  • The top EIGHT (8) players will advance to the playoffs after the Regular Season.
  • The playoffs will be played out as a quarter-final, semi-final, and a final. The quarter-final seeds are determined by Regular Season standings: 1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th, and 4th vs 5th. The semi-final seeds will also use Regular Season standings. All playoff games are sudden death (no draws).This process will be explained in detail at a later time.
  • Players must record battle reports during the playoffs. These can be either photo or video battle reports.
  • The final game will be held at a location to be determined. It is encouraged that all players attend the final.

  • The Commissioner will:
    • Create the schedule of monthly match-ups at the start of the Regular Season.
    • Always have a record of each player's two lists available in digital format. Any player is allowed to see any list at any time. Players just simply request to see the lists from the Commissioner or go to the 40kegger Forum.
    • Always have a record of trade credits used and trade credits remaining for each player. After a change is made, the Commissioner must ensure the player resubmits a new list in digital format.
    • Ensure players state which of their two lists they are using prior to their games.
    • Handle appeals for games not played.
    • Handle disputes for illegal lists and illegal trades.
    • Penalize players by removing points if any players are found breaking any of the rules.


Registration is now closed

League Members

1) Dave Violago
2) Keith Grant
3) Chris Brown
4) Greg Ritchie
5) JP  Perreault
6) Rob Lentowich
7) Collin Martin
8) Christian Augst
9) Sean Regehr
10) Charles Janke
11) Sam Leblanc
12) Jason Lane
13) Steve Brown
14) Garth Bowman
15) Dave Taylor
16) Lance Jones
17) Jordan Nylolaishen
18) Fabio Fiorentino


  1. Just a question, but why no LGS? Seems pretty harmless really, and do I even want to know why JP's tag is "silk panties"?

  2. This all looks great JP and Greg. If anyone ever wants to coordinate a few games on the same day at our house in Selkirk we can easily accommodate several games at one time. We have 4 tables and almost enough terrain for that many games as well. We also have room to set up a few more tables if we needed to. Weekends works best to coordinate this (as it probably does for most of us). - Christopher Brown

    had to use 'anonymous' as I don't use any of the other services

  3. The game day in Selkirk sounds great!