Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feral Ork Table WIP III

Sorry for the delay in getting more work and pics up on this table folks.
I have been pretty unmotivated to do any work on it for the past few weeks. I've started a new job, bought a new house and am getting ready to move out of town. I've just not had much time for nerd shit these past few weeks. But as 40kegger 4 draws closer, I've been forced to start doing work on terrain again. Oh Polystyrene how I have missed you!
Most of the pieces are done, many just need a few layers of dry brushing and I started 1 new piece today as I noticed there wasn't much for area terrain, and the table as a whole just needed one more piece. So, VOILA!

Bushy terrain. It's got a slab of stone on it too. Pretty exciting shit.

The table in all its half painted glory!

Some more work on the watch tower. Needs flock and paint yet

finished spiky bits

Fuck you. It's orky

Bigger spiky bits

Another finished ork effigy

Teetery ork structure

I thought it was a fitting base

The center piece! Originally for my Ogre army. It is still for sale/trade. Somebody please buy it or give me space marines or tau for them!

This is going to be the last post on the Feral Ork table. To see the totally finished product, you'll either have to be at the 40kegger OR wait for pictures to be posted from the Kegger!

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