Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blood for the Nerd God pt 3: Demon Table WIP


Here's some pictures of some finished demon buildings, and the beginnings of some altarish sacrificy thing.

Shit! I forgot to paint that light and try my hand at some object source lighting a la airbrush

The gooey bits are brought to you by:
Replicating gore since 2009

JP had told me about this trick using the Tamiya clear red. It can be applied to anything you want to look gorey...Chain weapons, guts, demon buildings. Paint the red on, and on a side pallet, mix some red with a bit of black wash. Before the object you're painting is dry, randomly stipple some of the red/black wash mix onto the straight red. The red/black gives it that gross, trauma, clotty look. I love it!

Piece of leftover floor from my Russian building and the dozer blad from my Predator Infernus

You may recall the cess pit type thing from my previous post. It was originally a FW blister that I had been mixing the "Great Stuff" expanding foam in. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Now I just have to give this bad boy a few layers of dry brushing and he should be complete. If you have any ideas how to make this piece even cooler, write a comment below!



  1. Blood trail to/from the pit? Really neat project - and nice paint tip. I have some positively ancient Dragon "Blood" paint that I have been looking for a replacement for. Thanks!

  2. A trail like something was thrown in from the altar, or like something crawled out of the pit?

    I do have plans to gore up the alter thing once it's painted

  3. demon foot prints in blood! Seriously awesome looking man,very creepy!