Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There's always something broken....

I'm going to bitch about 40K.  Mostly to give everyone a break from Greg's "tell me i'm pretty!" posts. 6e has been out for almost 6 months now and I thought I would offer some thoughts.  Because Christmas is coming, i'll even be nice and I wont even bitch about GW prices.  By now, we all have decent sized armies and ways to get cheap(er) stuff online.  I'm just going to focus on some major sore spots for me with the GAME itself.

1.  Flyers.  seriously?  for the most part, flyers are too good.  The pinnacle being that Necron munchkin Nightscythe bullshit.  You can have something like NINE flyers in an army under 2,000 pts...How does GW not FAQ this problem?  Not to mention the lack of Skyfire choices for many races/armies.

2.  Defence Lines.  everyone takes them now...and its gay.  Gay like Glee.  thats how gay.

3.  Vehicles.  Moar ways to die!  not only is there the chance of insta-kill, now you can glance them to death.

                                           Mein Tank!  Noch zwei schl√§ge, und ich bin tot!

4.  Forge World rules.  Rapier battery....Contemptor....come on.  Oh because its FW, which we all know is really GW then its ok right?  yeah, fuck you.  The models ARE cool.  But remember, only assholes dont let you use experimental rules.


  1. easy way around your rule problems is Forge world. Just dont play with people who wont allow it. Also oddly enough Flyers tend to solve the problems with the defense lines. Most flyers have weapons that ignore cover.

    I agree that the Con-air (Necron 9 flyer) list is retarded, however its awful hard for them to hold objectives with that list.

  2. Who are you Virago?? cry some more.

  3. I recently discover that if your opponent is more then 2 inches away from the Aegis defense line that cover save actually applies to the unit they are firing at as well as the cover obscures 25% or more easily from line of sight the units they are shooting at. So that might help you out.