Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blood for the Nerd God pt1: Chaos table WIP

After watching a cool terrain video on Mormonwargaming, I got a really cool idea to make a chaos table and terrain. First step was using the cheap Russian buildings I got off ebay.

Cheap Russian terrain

Looks like a normal building with a few pustules...

Same building side view

I call it "The Demons colon"

My new favourite terrain medium

Great for making gooey viscera looking bits

So far the gooey bits have been airbrushed with Reaper Brick Red, and then Deep Red. Then nothing as my airbrush shit the bed (explained later on in post).

This piece will be embedded into the floor of the table as a cess pit or something. This was originally what  I was stirring the foam in while applying it to the buildings. The residue expanded and I thought it looked cool.
I airbrushed it with Reaper deep red, gave it a black wash, highlighted with deep red again, and then a final highlight of Reaper blood red.

Cess pit?

This is the building I was working on my my brand new (cheap) airbrush shit the bed.

Piece of shit
I finally broke down and impulse bought a cheapy airbrush on ebay ($60 incl. shipping). I expected it to be kind of crappy, but after about an hour of using it, it stopped producing pressure. It's a piece of shit. Don't ever buy it. The ebay store has already been emailed, and hopefully they will refund me w/o me having to pay to ship it back.

As soon as I get another compressor, I can continue to paint these buildings. The outside walls still need to be base coated and drybrushed and the gooey parts need more layers and highlights.
I've got lots of ideas for this table, including some cool campaigny ideas!
Stay tuned for more!



  1. Looks awesome so far! Let me know which cheap airbrush u get next, looking for one too

  2. Thats awesome man! thats so cool! we must discuss!!!

  3. Very cool looking Greg!

    On the airbrush front, cheap never works out, buy a set of paashce's (a single action H and a dual action VL) off ebay for less than 1/2 what they will cost you here, I have seen them as sets for less than $80 for both. And then just go to princess auto or canadian tire and pick up a small compressor and tank for less than $100 and a pressure regulator.

    In fact, I just looked and canadain tire has one on sale with a regulator this week for $39 instead of the normal $100! (Mastercraft 2-Gallon Air Compressor with Accessories)

    Total cost since the comps on sale means less than about $150 but you will have them forever.... the Paasche's never break, and buying a normal compressor meant for heavy duty work with a regulator to scale back the pressure means you can use it for other things, and that it is hardly working when airbrushing and should last you 20 years.

    Just my two bits Greg, then you can get back to making awesome looking terrain


  4. Dude. That looks freakin disgustingly awesome!