Thursday, December 27, 2012

D-Day at beaches of Orkandy

 Lesson 1, Ork math.

 Necron Flyer spam


Necron Mind Shackle Scarrabs


  Now I HAD a battle report all written down, but my kids took the paper and made it into....something.

  So here is what I remember:

 Turn 1:  

  Necrons get to go first, notice all the Orks on the table and lack of Flyers, this is important.

  So, when I see Armour 14 on the table, I say SMASH IT!  So I charge Ghazz and his merry band over to the that very expensive and cool looking thing with this Necron on top like a cherry.

  Fabio shoots a ton and misses the trukk (freakin trukk is the toughest unit in the game I swear!).  Ghaz drives up gets out beats the wheels off the Necron battle barge, and blows it up good.  Out falls Necron war lord.   Deffkoptas kill a necron jetbike hiding in the back.  Things are going good!

Turn 2:

ALL and yes by all I mean ALL Necron Flyers fly onto to table at once.  I suddenly know the what being at Pearl Harbor was like.  So, in one turn I lost 3 Deffkopta's, 1 squad of Lootas, 2 Mega Nobz, 8 Boyz and the game.

  Turn 3:  Ghaz is pissed and beats the snot out of a squad of Necron snipers, then he kills Necron Warlord, Problem number #349, Necrons get up after being dead, and are very good at being not dead, so much so, that killing the warlord doesnt count!  Aghh!

Turn 3:

 Dakka Jet to the rescue!  WAGHHHHH......err wait.  Dakka jet shoots 18 str 6 shots and puts exactly -1 HP on the Doom Sythe.  Not sure what those odds are there but that results in this:  

  Now I have no anti-air.

  This is what I have left to shoot at The Fantastic Fabio Air force:

Sure they love to shoot, but man they cant hit anything!

Turn 4:

Ghaz decides to get mind shackled (im not joking) 5x in a row......then when he finally passes his mind shackle test, he dies without chance to hit back.  AWESOME!

  The remaining Orks, take cover in the building, the last known transmission back to the Ork home world was from their PR guy. This is all that was heard from them:

Victory Necron Fantastic Fabio Airforce!


  1. Orks were created to fight the necrons, turns out those brain boys forgot the anti air part!