Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hello Everyone, I was just browsing around some independent sites that I will sometimes grab bases from or the odd conversion bit when I came across this brilliant product over at Basically what you are looking at is interlocking square bases. YES YES.... I know some of us don't care for the square bases but still I think this is a great product for you gents out there that play Fantasy.
Basically all that you have to do is put the connector down and press your two bases onto it and they are locked in place! 50x 20mm SQUARE BASE & QCS CONNECTING STICKS
Its really great for larger blocks or rows of archers or what ever you guys play with
The nice thing about this product is its not GW so its only $10.00 for 50 bases and not $50.00 for 10 bases.
What do you Fantasy players think? would you be willing to pay a little bit for bases that really aid in keeping your large blocks of units together?

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