Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Apocaliptic Kegger approaching quickly! dont forget the essentials!

military funny Wicked dog!

Well with the 40 Kegger's Apocalypse game fast approaching there are lots of little things that we must not forget! which is why its time to toss up my....
1. Army (very important)
2. Beer (also very important! we must stay hydrated and since we all plan on running a half marathon next year carbo loading is very critical in or training regiment)
3. Meat (because remember kids vegetables are not food, they are what food eat.)
4. Codexes
5. FAQ's
6. A white board to keep track of all your shit (if you have one)
7. Snacks
8. A comfortable pair of indoor shoes (because Greg's floor is always freezing and has absolutely no give.)
9. Tape measure
10. Dice (LOTS OF DICE!!!!)
11. wrecked markers (because I have a feeling people will be deleting each others models quite frequently)
military funny North Korea
12. Advil (for the headaches that will start popping up as the day goes on.)
Lastly, Kim Jong Eun....
The teams have already been finalized. Please stop begging me to join our apocalypse game. Yes, I know there are huge explosions but as I mentioned to you earlier, you are not allowed to bring your forgeworld-ski to the game there are simply just no GW approved rues for a 'Nucular War Head Titan'. I know you already had it shipped from Cuba but it looks like it got tied up with customs so it may not get here in time for the game anyway. I hope there are no hard feelings buddy, maybe next time.

See you all Saturday!

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