Sunday, March 9, 2014

Beer league Apocalypse - Back to beginings

Those of you in the 2013/2014 40kegger Beer League know that that our wind up will be a game of Apocalypse. It's going to be held where it all started. I was going through my videos today and found this old gem. It's from our first big Apocalypse game. Thought I'd share it again to get everyone's destructive juices flowing!


  1. Ah, sweet memories of Vulkan fist-fucking my titan, and laughing like a damn fool as I drop and shattered my wraithknight. Maybe I love apocalypse. Maybe I drink too much. Who can say.... (It's both those things)
    I look forward to mighty explosions. However- We should decide of something for D-weapons, I'm still a fan of D under the hole, s10 ap 1 for the rest (in the case of blasts)

  2. Where is it being held?

  3. Depends whos asking. The location will only be known to the participants of the beer league, or those who recognize the video.

  4. Greg, we should set up a camera and record the whole game just like you did with that video.

    Massive Apoc in 5min.