Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mike & Jordan VS Rob & Lance: FIGHT!!

He could feel the massive psychic entity that was the Hive Mind.  It’s tendrils of conscious thought extending out to touch the Tyranid synaptic creatures.  The runes that covered the floor around him began to glow as the ritual progressed.  The hundreds of pacified psykers chained to the altars began to thrash and scream as their life force was drained from them.

If this ritual was successful, Veritas would be able stretch a strand of his own consciousness into the rivers of information that flowed from the Hive Mind and gently manipulate certain Tyranid creatures.

As the ritual grew in intensity a whirling gust of power formed with Veritas at the center raising him into the air.  The power surged through his body, blood pouring from his nose and eyes, an inhuman shriek of power and pain erupting from his throat only to be cut off by bloody phlegm and vomit spewing forth.  As the ritual reached it’s peak, the chained psykers exploded with a shower of gore and Veritas dropped to the ground and was still for a long time.

Veritas opened his eyes to see the scarred face of Proelium, the veteran of his chosen guard.  Veritas whispered only two words before a fit of coughing seized him, but Proelium knew what to do.  He rushed to prepare the army to fight, his own stimulant injectors pumping him with adrenaline, the words “It worked” echoing through his mind.

So the above little story should give you an idea as to how this game went, or at least how it started.  Mike and I both got Puppet Master.

Here is the deployment.

The poor quality picture is due to poor lighting conditions of an unfinished lighting situation.

Mike and I got turn 1 and we both moved up being careful to stay far enough away to not get assaulted right away.  Mike’s shooting was a little lackluster killing a couple hormagaunts with his vindicator.  Mine was far better.  I was able to use my oblits to pop the truck that had the meganobs in it, and I successfully used Puppet Master

to shoot the Exocrine into the side of the Battlewagon and kill it.
So essentially I almost totally neutralized the Ork army for at least a turn as all of it’s mobility was gone and it didn’t have any ranged shooting.

Their turn was spent moving forward as fast as possible.  The Hive Tyrant moved up on top of the “skyshield” in the middle of table and it had lost a wound to the Warp Table.  It was able to shoot up the side armour of the Vidicator and wreck it.

Our turn again and Mike sets up his cultists to shoot at the Hive Tyrant hoping to ground it so we can Puppet Master it but fairs way better and kills it with his cultists.  Yep you read that right.  Mike’s 20 odd cultists manage to inflict 5 wounds on the flying beast and Lance has the decency to fail 3 of them.  I get my Sorcerer within range to use The Last Memory of Yuranthos on 3 units and kill around 20 models.  Mike’s 2 units of marines move up, bail out, and shoot the shit out of Lance’s big Hormagaunt squad.  Things are looking pretty good for us right now.

I make a monster of a bone head play and charge my Maulerfiend into the battlewagonless Orks hoping to get into base contact with the Warboss so my Lasher Tendrils can deny him 2 attacks and I could win on combat rez.  Well that does not work and the Warboss punks the Maulerfiend hard.

I’ve never used the Maulerfiend before and now have a slightly better understanding of what he can and can’t do.  Thanks Rob!

The cavalry arrives for Lance and Rob in the form of both Dakka Jets that come on and almost annihilates a whole squad of marines.

The Exocrine shoots up my rhino and I have to bail out which allows Rob and the battlewagonless orks make a decent charge and get in my face.  I challenge with my Lord and he accepts with his Warboss who proceed to slap each other around and do nothing.  I do, however, kill the rest of the squad making him fall back but I fail to sweep him.

The rest of the game goes like this…

Except they weren't cute puppies.

…with the exception of these 3 spectacular things that happen.  First, my warlord dies to a dangerous terrain check and Perils of the Warp.  Second, Mike uses Puppet Master to shoot the Exocrine at the Warboss who just re-grouped.  And lastly, the very last bullet that was shot in the game killed the last cultists who just happened to be holding on to the relic, and it was shot by an Ork Nob.

So, the game ended a tie, as the Relic usually does I find.  We managed to keep one of our warlords alive and kill both of theirs but still cough up enough faction points to make it 8-7 for Chaos.

The fancy warp storm chart didn’t really come into play except when it put the wound on the Hive Tyrant on the first turn.  After that it killed 2 or 3 hormagaunts, made my Chosen squad stubborn and gave the Champ Shred, and it did NOTHING for 5 rolls.

Had a good time and other than a long drive out to Rob's place it was a pretty quickly organized game, considering needing to get 4 players on the same schedule.

Thanks to Lance and Mike for making the long trek and thanks to Rob for hosting and supplying beers, although it was just me and him drinking them.

Happy gaming til next time!

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